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Skimm This: The Mueller Report, Theresa May, and Apple’s News

Mar 25, 2019

It’s March 25th. Happy Monday. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • It finally happened. Special Counsel Robert Mueller handed in his research paper to the DOJ last week. Attorney General William Barr spent all weekend speed-reading. You’ve been seeing bits and pieces of headlines. And lots of questions swirling around about the big O(J). Obstruction of Justice. We’ll break it down.

  • With his report out, ‘Mueller’ is now trending on Twitter (and everywhere else). But who actually is Robert S Mueller III? And what does the S stand for? That’s on today’s episode.

  • For one of the first times in two years, Mueller went out for dinner with his wife instead of doing takeout at the office. British Prime Minister Theresa May is probably jealous. She’s been dealing with Brexit. You’ll be hearing about her a lot this week … so we’ll introduce you to the woman behind the headlines.

  • Meanwhile, Apple has a big announcement. CEO Tim Cook took the mic today to tell the world about the company’s plans to get into subscription, plus some new partners they’re working with. You might hear a familiar name…


After two years, Mueller finally turned in his report to the DOJ. And probably had a great weekend … while Barr got down to speed-reading. Today, we’re breaking down the questions that are still swirling around about the report, including the big O(J). Obstruction of Justice. Also on today’s episode: we intro you to the unlikely Brexiter-in-chief, Theresa May, and a certain tech company has some (Apple) News.

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