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Skimm This: No Deal Brexit, Lyftoff, and Your Woman of the Week

Mar 29, 2019

It’s March 29th. You made it to Friday. Congrats. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Third time’s the charm. Except when it comes to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to get a Brexit deal approved. Today, Parliament said ‘no thanks, guvnah’ to her plan. For the third time. Meaning a no-deal Brexit might actually be happening. We’ll break down what that could mean for the country … and for you.

  • We have Lyftoff. Today, Lyft requested a ride to Wall St. And went public. It’s the first of many – many – ”unicorns” that are planning to open up shares to the public this year. We’ll tell you what you need to know.

  • For the past two days, we’ve asked you to tell us about your Woman of the Week. You crushed it. Skimm’r Melissa told us about a certain warrior she knows.

  • Equal Pay Day is coming up. And we want to hear from you. Leave us a voicemail at 646.461.6370 to tell us how you’ve fought for equal pay at the office. And you just might hear your two cents on the show next week.


British PM Theresa May isn’t feeling so TGIF. That’s because Parliament voted down her Brexit plan today. For the third time. Bollocks. We’ll tell you what a no-deal Brexit could look like. Also on today’s episode: Lyft requests a ride to Wall St, and Skimm’r Melissa tells us about her Woman of the Week.

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