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Skimm This: The West Bank, DHS Shakeup, March Madness

Apr 8, 2019

It’s April 8th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making a campaign promise about the West Bank that’s raising eyebrows. We connect the dots on why the proposed annexation could impact peace in the Middle East.

  • DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is the latest Trump cabinet member to get the boot. Her Secret Service Director is out too. We’ll tell you what’s next for the agency at the forefront of the border crisis.

  • One more game of madness: the NCAA basketball tournament women’s championship was a nailbiter. We explain why tonight’s men’s championship game might be a snoozer.

  • And finally: a giant python caught in Florida. With a reverse honey trap.

theSkimm: Israel is getting ready to head to the polls, and Prime Minister Netanyahu is giving voters one more thing to think about: the West Bank. The region at the center of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. NBD. In the US, more shake-ups in the Trump Administration. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and her Secret Service Director are out. There are a lot of questions about all her replacement. Also on today’s episode: why more defense might make for a March Madness dud, and huge pythons in Florida caught by a honey pot.

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