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Skimm This: Notre Dame Fire, Campaign Cash, and FUCT

Apr 15, 2019

It’s April 15th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Flames engulfed the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris today. We’ll tell you what we know so far.

  • Today, 2020 presidential candidates showed us how much money they’ve raised and what they’ve got in the bank. We’ll decode what those receipts mean and why it’s not just about the money.

  • The Supreme Court heard a case by a clothing company that is fighting to trademark its NSFW name. It’s called Friends U Can’t Trust -- aka FUCT. We’ll tell you why the founder thinks he’s gonna win.

  • It’s Tax Day. And some taxpayers might be getting a reality check.

theSkimm: The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames today -- we’ll tell you what we know so far. In the US: 2020 presidential candidates are showing us their donation receipts. We’ll explain why the dollar signs are not all that matters. Also on today’s episode: SCOTUS hears a case about the brand that must not be named, and taxpayers are experiencing Instagram vs. reality: Tax Day edition.

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