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Skimm This: Violence in Northern Ireland, 4/20, and Dancing Bans

Apr 19, 2019

It’s April 19th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • A young journalist in Northern Ireland was killed during a riot. Her death is highlighting tensions along the Irish border on the anniversary of an agreement that was supposed to calm things down. We’ll explain what this has to do with Brexit, and why some leaders in the US are trying to smooth things over.

  • Tomorrow is 4/20. A high holiday in cannabis culture. A record number of Americans are into the green. But the laws are lagging, and not everyone’s on board with giving Mary Jane the green light. We’ll break it down.

  • Tonight marks the beginning of Passover, but antisemitic hate crimes are on the rise. After a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue last fall, the daughter-in-law of one of the victims is trying to bring people together with her program “2 For Seder.” Come hungry.

  • You can dance if you want to. But not in Germany on Good Friday. We’ll explain.

theSkimm: A young journalist was killed last night during a riot in Northern Ireland. Her death is highlighting tensions along the Irish border. And it comes on the anniversary of a decades-old agreement that’s now at risk. Because Brexit. Then - tomorrow is 4/20. And support for marijuana is at an all-time high. But not everyone’s stoked. Also on today’s show: a Seder with a guest list in the thousands, and a place where dancing is illegal for one night only.

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