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Skimm This: Sri Lanka Blocks Facebook, Armed Militias On The Border, and Earth Day

Apr 22, 2019

It’s April 22nd. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • In the aftermath of massive terror attacks, the government in Sri Lanka has blocked Facebook. They’re taking cues from other countries that have cracked down on social media to prevent violence. But does going dark on social actually work?

  • The United Constitutional Patriots are a vigilante group that says they’re helping Border Patrol round up illegal immigrants at the border. BP says, ‘um, that’s illegal.’ Over the weekend, one of UCP’s leaders was arrested. We’ll tell you why that won’t end the border militia movement.

  • It’s Earth Day. Los Angeles is celebrating by saying ‘bye, bruh’ to plastic straws. Lots of other governments have similar ideas. We’ll break down why they think straws suck.

  • Want some ideas on how you can go green? We can help.

theSkimm: After massive terror attacks in Sri Lanka killed nearly 300 people on Sunday, the gov has blocked Facebook and other social media sites. Their goal: to prevent sectarian violence. But does going dark on social media actually work? Meanwhile, in the US, the FBI arrested the leader of a vigilante group in New Mexico. Which has drawn a lot of attention to armed militias at the southern border. We’ll tell you what you need to know. Also on today’s episode: LA says ‘later, bruh’ to plastic straws, and other ideas on how to show the planet you care. Right in time for Earth Day.

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