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Skimm This: China’s Belt And Road Initiative, Gun Laws, Seaweed Bottles

Apr 26, 2019

It’s April 26th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s big plan to build new trade routes around the globe. We explain why some countries are cheering, and others are raising red flags.

  • President Trump spoke at the annual NRA meeting and announced a new take on a UN trade agreement. We'll break down why the NRA is having a rough time right now.

  • Runners are going green at this weekend’s London Marathon – sea-green.

  • And finally: cheddar cheese is getting the royal treatment.

theSkimm: Top officials from around the world met in China today to hear more about their Belt and Road Initiative - a reboot of the Silk Road to improve global trade routes. Here in the US: President Trump was also talking to the NRA about international trade. Of firearms. That was good news for the gun lobbying group, which has been going through a rough spot. Also on today’s episode: a fishy beverage option at the London marathon, and a cheesy celebration for the new royal babe.

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