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Skimm This: Uber’s IPO, Catholic Church, Trade Talks with China

May 9, 2019

It’s May 9th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Uber is ringing in its IPO tomorrow. But not everyone is super pumped about it. We’ll explain why people have their eyes on the latest unicorn to hit Wall Street, and why some people aren’t popping the champagne just yet.

  • The Catholic Church has had their fair share of sex abuse scandals. Today, Pope Francis issued a new church law to try to get a handle on it. We’ll tell you how this law hopes to make a few changes.

  • Also, China’s head negotiator goes talk tariffs. We’ll explain how Trump’s proposed tariffs on Chinese goods can affect your wallet.

  • And finally: there are a lot of baby names on the up and up lately. If you’re thankful for the name your mama gave you...give us a call at 646-461-6370.

theSkimm: Uber’s heading to Wall Street tomorrow to make its debut on the stock exchange. But the ride-sharing company has seen a lot of backlash lately. Meanwhile, Pope Francis issued a new law that requires officials in the Catholic Church to report sex abuse and any coverup in the church. It’s an issue the Vatican has been grappling with for a while now. Also in today’s episode: how the US and China’s trade war is going to impact your wallet, and a look at baby names trending on your feed.

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