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Skimm This: Mueller Report, California Health Care, and Ali Stroker

Jun 10, 2019

It’s June 10th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • The Mueller Report is on the summer reading list for lawmakers in Washington. They’re seeking context from President Nixon’s former White House counsel. But they can’t get President Trump’s White House counsel to show up. This week, there will be a series of hearings and votes on this in Congress. We’ll tell you what to expect.

  • California could make history: by becoming the first state to give some undocumented immigrants state health care coverage. We’ll explain how the Golden State is going to try to make that happen.

  • It was a beautiful evenin’ yesterday -- when Broadway star Ali Stroker became the first person to roll out onstage in a wheelchair to accept the Tony Award for best featured actress. Check it out.

  • And finally: Starbucks is serving up a hot cup of ‘green’ energy in London. But it’s a little more complicated than answering ‘hot or iced.’ Listen to find out more.  

theSkimm: This week, lawmakers in Congress are nose-deep in a page-turner: the Mueller Report. Mueller’s not talking … but Dems are hearing from some old school political junkies - like President Nixon’s former White House counsel John Dean - and trying to get other people to show up. Meanwhile, California lawmakers say it’s time for a check-up. Their new budget plan would give some undocumented immigrants state health care coverage - the first state to do so. Also on today’s episode: Broadway actress Ali Stroker made history at the Tony Awards, and Starbucks is trying green on for size.

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