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Skimm This: Border Facilities, Hong Kong, and Women’s World Cup

Jul 2, 2019

It’s July 2nd. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Lawmakers paid a visit to two border facilities yesterday. And they did not like what they saw. This is the latest round of visiting hours for some border facilities. And now people are taking to the streets to demand that some close their doors. 

  • Protestors stormed the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong yesterday. This comes after weeks of protests in Hong Kong, which started over a proposed extradition bill in the city’s legislature. Now the protesters are trying to figure out ‘where do we go from here?’ We’ll explain. 

  • The US beat England in the semifinals of the Women’s World Cup today...right in time for the Fourth of July. But there’s a bit of a scheduling conflict for Sunday’s final game.

  • And finally: a total solar eclipse of the South America.  

theSkimm: About a dozen lawmakers took a field trip to Texas yesterday. To visit two border facilities where migrants are being held. And some lawmakers did not like what they saw. Now there are protests being held around the country to close some migrant detention centers. We’ll break down what’s been happening on the border. Meanwhile, protesters in Hong Kong stormed the city’s Legislative Council and occupied the building. This was the latest in a series of protests concerning mainland China’s encroaching power over Hong Kong. We’ll tell you what’s next for the movement. Also on today’s episode: the US is headed to the Women’s World Cup finals on Sunday, and some celestial sights in South America.

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