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Skimm This: UK Prime Minister, SNAP Benefits, and Wrestling

Jul 23, 2019

It’s July 23rd. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Boris Johnson will be the next UK Prime Minister. He inherits a lot from his predecessor: including uncertainty over Brexit and growing tensions with Iran. As Johnson begins his term, he’s probably also thinking about the UK’s ‘special relationship’ with the US. We’ll tell you what exactly Boris Johnson has on his plate starting tomorrow. 

  • The Trump administration proposed a new rule that would save $2.5 billion a year from the federal budget -- but could cut food stamp benefits for over 3 million people. We’ll break down why the admin is pushing this rule, and what’s at stake. 

  • More women are getting nominated to apply for US military academies -- even as the military gender gap remains strong. We’ll explain how US lawmakers play a role here.

  • And finally: if you feel like you’re wrestling through the workweek… let Kelly Kelly help you through it. 


The UK has a new prime minister. Between dealing with Brexit and tensions with Iran, Boris Johnson has a long ‘to do’ list to tackle. And he doesn’t even have a full cabinet yet. We’ll explain what lies ahead for Johnson and the UK. Meanwhile, a proposed Trump admin rule could cut millions of people off from food stamp benefits. We’ll break down why the admin wants this rule, and who it affects. Also on today’s episode: more women are being nominated to attend US military academies, and a star who wrestled her way to the top.

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