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Skimm This: Mueller Testifies, Facebook Settlement, and Self-Care Day

Jul 24, 2019

It’s July 24th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Former special counsel Robert Mueller was in the hot seat twice today on Capitol Hill. He mostly stuck to the script (read: his report) but Dems and Republicans had a lot of questions. We’ll break down the big takeaways - and tell you what happens next.

  • The US government is telling Facebook to pay the $5B bill after it found that the company mishandled people’s private info. We’ve got the details.

  • It’s International Self-Care day! It’s about treating yourself -- and more. 

  • Finally: the most expensive sneaker ever has been sold. And it’s got a history. 

theSkimm: Today, Democrats and Republicans told former special counsel Robert Mueller: ‘have a seat - actually, have two.’ Mueller said he was done talking about his report -- but lawmakers have more questions. We’ll tell you why, and what happened during today’s hearings. Meanwhile, Facebook has to pay $5 billion and change up its privacy rules after an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. We’ll explain. Also on today’s episode: how self-care is about more than just relaxing, and a very expensive stroll.

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