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Skimm This: North Korea, The Death Penalty, Heatwave

Jul 25, 2019

It’s July 25th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • North Korea test-fired two missiles this morning, just as US officials were wrapping up a meeting in South Korea. We look back at the last year of North Korea/US relations, and why things have gotten rocky again lately.

  • After a 16-year moratorium on the death penalty, Attorney General Bill Barr announced that the federal government is starting executions again. We explain why it’s a big deal that five people have already been scheduled for execution. 

  • It’s like a heat wave – and it’s breaking records in Europe.

  • And finally: why it’s good to double-check your work, especially if your job is handling the President’s official seal

theSkimm: North Korea is playing with fire – literally. Just a couple weeks after President Trump visited Kim Jong Un in North Korea and agreed to resume denuclearization talks, North Korea tested two missiles this morning. Back in the US, Attorney General Bill Barr is resuming the death penalty, but he’s making some changes to how it’s implemented. Also on today’s show: Europeans and A/V guys everywhere are sweating it out.

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