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Skimm This: Mass Shootings in US, Tensions in Kashmir, and Hong Kong Protests

Aug 5, 2019

It’s August 5th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Over the past weekend, at least 31 people were killed in two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio. We look at how prosecutors and politicians are responding - and why. 

  • India and Pakistan have had a decades-long tug-of-war over the border region of Kashmir. Now India’s government is trying to fully integrate the region for good. 

  • The world’s worst commute award definitely goes to Hong Kong today as mass anti-government protests threw transportation into chaos. 

  • By 2030, Japan’s government wants us flying through the streets - in airborne cars

theSkimm: This weekend in the US, there were two deadly mass shootings: one in Texas, and one in Ohio. They were less than 13 hours apart, and at least 31 people were killed. From increasing background checks, to shutting down websites hosting white supremacist content, to making ‘domestic terrorism’ a federal crime, we’ll explain who is calling for what. Meanwhile, tensions between India and Pakistan are running extremely high, as the Indian government announced a plan to revoke the ‘special status’ of the disputed – and until now, largely autonomous – border region of Kashmir. Also on today’s episode: anti-government protesters block the streets of Hong Kong, and Japan is going back to the future with flying cars. 

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