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Skimm This: Climate Report, Immigration Raids, Iowa State Fair

Aug 8, 2019

It’s August 8th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • UN scientists released a report about how our land use is affecting climate change. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t look great for us. 

  • About 680 people were arrested at work during a huge immigration raid in Mississippi. Authorities say they were undocumented and weren’t allowed to work in the US. We’ll tell you why the companies they worked for may be in trouble, too.

  • The Iowa State Fair kicks off today, and almost every presidential candidate will be making an appearance over the next 10 days to try to pick up primary support.

  • And finally: researchers are making alcohol in an unexpected (and basically uninhabited) place. 

theSkimm: The UN’s latest climate change report says the way we are using land is seriously damaging the planet. We dive into the main findings, what problems we are causing, and what we really need to change. Then, ICE agents arrested some 680 workers at food plants in Mississippi, saying they were not allowed to work in the US. We’ll look at what this means for the workers, their families, and the plants. Also on the show, presidential hopefuls are set to descend on the Iowa State Fair, and scientists are creating ‘Atomik’ vodka from rye grown around Chernobyl. 

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