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Skimm This: Hong Kong Protests, Cracker Plants, and Chlamydia Vaccine

Aug 13, 2019

It’s August 13th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Protesters against the government in Hong Kong have moved their demonstrations to the airport, where today they clashed with police. China and the rest of the world are keeping a very close eye on what’s going on. 

  • President Trump gave a speech praising a new cracking plant in PA. We’ll get into what that is, why Trump supports it, and what opponents of the plant say. 

  • Chlamydia is the world’s most common STD and is hard to detect. But a possible new vaccine has successfully passed a first clinical trial. 

  • Zookeepers in Berlin have given an abandoned egg to two male penguins who have been desperate to become parents. 

theSkimm: Protesters and riot police clashed at Hong Kong’s International Airport today in ongoing demonstrations against the government. We’ll examine the background of the protests, and how the world is responding. Then: President Trump visited a cracker plant in Pennsylvania today. We’ll explain what cracker plants do, and why Trump was on site. Also on today’s show: scientists are one step closer to a chlamydia vaccine, and two gay penguins are hoping to make a family.  

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