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Skimm This: Brexit Lingo, Hong Kong Bill, and Cherokee Delegate

Sep 4, 2019

It’s September 4th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • There’s a lot of drama going on with Brexit right now, and this is the week that could make or break Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s big plan to leave the EU. We’ll make sense of all the parliamentary phrases being tossed about.

  • Hong Kong’s leader is giving protesters what they’ve asked for. But some say: it’s not enough. We’ll explain what’s going on.

  • The Cherokee Nation is looking to make history on Capitol Hill. 

  • And finally: Serena Williams is already the GOAT, but she just reached a new milestone at the US Open. 

theSkimm: ‘Blimey’ isn’t the only British phrase being thrown around in the UK today. All kinds of parliamentary phrases have been flying as the debate over how-to-Brexit heats up. Today, members of Parliament voted to avoid a no-deal Brexit, and against holding snap elections. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s leader is hoping to cool down protests. She formally withdrew controversial legislation today, but some protesters still aren’t happy. Also on today’s show: a potential new member of Congress, and a new record for a tennis legend.

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