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Skimm This: Injection Sites, Wine and Cheese Tariffs, and IPO Woes

Oct 3, 2019

It’s October 3rd. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Supervised injection sites for drug users just got a boost from a federal judge. We’ll explain why some cities think these facilities can reduce overdose deaths and why the feds are pushing back.

  • The US is dialing up its trade spat with the EU, and taking it out on some of Europe’s tastiest products.

  • 2019’s been a bad year for tech IPOs. We’ll explain why going public isn’t what it used to be.

  • And one worldly bird is offering a new perspective on global warming.

theSkimm: A federal judge just gave a boost to supervised injection sites, saying a clinic in Philadelphia doesn’t violate drug laws. Activists say the ruling could mark a turning point in the fight to reduce drug overdoses. Meanwhile, Swiss cheese and French wine just got dragged into a US-EU trade spat that’s actually about … airplanes. We’ll connect the dots. Also on today’s show: we’ll break down the rough year for IPOs, and how one adventurous eagle is documenting glacial melt in the Alps.

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