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Skimm This: Canadian Elections, Opioid Settlement, and Floppy Disks

Oct 21, 2019

It’s October 21st. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Canadians are heading to the polls today for their Parliamentary elections, and it’s likely to be a real nail-biter. 

  • Four pharmaceutical companies have reached a settlement in a landmark federal trial regarding the opioid epidemic

  • Historically conservative Northern Ireland prepares to legalize both same-sex marriage and abortion

  • And finally: the US nuclear command is reportedly getting rid of its floppy disks. Welcome to 2019.

theSkimm: It’s Election Day in Canada, and polls are showing a virtual tie between the two biggest parties. We’ll connect the dots between the issues party leaders want to talk about, and the scandals that have dominated the campaign cycle. Meanwhile, the first federal trial in the opioid epidemic was supposed to start today. We’ll explain why a new settlement put that court date on hold. Also on today’s show: one unexpected place is legalizing abortion and same-sex marriage, and another is finally getting rid of floppy disks.

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