Skimm This: Opioid Crisis, Mount Everest, and Burnout

It’s May 28th. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Today marks the first state trial connected to the opioid epidemic: Oklahoma is taking the company Johnson & Johnson to court. We’ll break down what this could mean for more than 1500 other lawsuits in the works.

  • Eleven climbers have died on Mount Everest already this year. Some have been caused by a human traffic jam on the summit. We’ll explain why this is happening.

  • The World Health Organization has officially recognized burnout as legitimate medical diagnosis. We’ll tell you what to look for.

  • And finally: if you thought you were too old to get into politics … think again.

theSkimm: Oklahoma is taking the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson to court today. This is the first state trial connected to the opioid crisis ... which has been determined a public health emergency. We’re going to break down how this got started and how Oklahoma hopes to win this case. Meanwhile, Mount Everest is having a deadly climbing season with human traffic jams on the summit. A lot goes into climbing to the “roof of the world.” We’ll explain what factors might be in play here. Also on today’s episode: the World Health Organization says that burnout is a legitimate medical diagnosis and a 100-year-old German woman is diving into politics.

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