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The Best of 2019

when harry met sally
Dec 29, 2019

The Story

So long, farewell 2019. To celebrate, we rounded up everything we Skimm’d this year – from the biggest news stories to the buzziest articles. Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the New Year’s Eve ball drop.

The Year

It's been a year. Our final newsletter of 2019 takes a walk down memory lane.

The Headlines

This past year wasn’t all about Lizzo and Baby Yoda. Here are the most popular topics we broke down in our Guides.

The Reads 

Every Monday through Thursday, we scour the internet to send you a buzzy article to read during your lunch break, when your meeting is going too long, or for your dinner convo with friends. These were the most popular 5 Min Reads of the year.

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Want a longer read to curl up with? We rounded up some of the best books of 2019 that you may have missed.

The New Year

You can’t start your ‘new year, new me’ mantra until the New Year’s Eve ball drops in Times Square. Skimm Notes talked to the man behind the ball about prepping for the big night. You'll learn:

✷ The history of the Times Square ball

✷ How the ball gets dressed up for the biggest party of the year 

✷ A look at the lessons the ball can teach us


Nice knowing you, 2019. Time for 2020 and the stories we’ll Skimm next year: the presidential election, impeachment, Brexit, the Olympics, climate change, the streaming services war, AI, awards season, and many more.

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