theSkimm's Guide to Making Dad Proud

Steve Martin in "Father of the Bride"

It’s almost Father’s Day. You need to buy something for dad. Something he’ll actually use. Here are the gifts that’ll make him brag about you…

For the dad who’s had the same khakis since the 80s…

Upgrade time. Bonobos has pants and shorts for summer that’ll give him a leg up. Dad bod just got a lot cooler.

Bonobos khakis

For the dad with a long commute...

Don’t get your wires crossed. As in, these wireless AirPods will make sure he can listen to podcasts (or classic rock) without tangles.

Air Pods

For the dad who doesn’t respond when he’s watching the game...

Let’s get ready to rummmmbbbblleee. Fanchest will send him a box full of fan paraphernalia from his fave team. So he can always pretend he’s at the game.

Fanchest samples with sports gear

For the dad who Googles at the dinner table…

This will make him feel right at home. The Google Home mini gives As to every Q--from ‘what’s the weather?’ to ‘who was in the cast of Karate Kid?’ And it also works as a speaker. Turn it up.

gray Google Home Mini

For the dad who’s permanently on dog walking duty...

These are anything but woof. Allbirds are comfy and stylish but not toooo stylish. Dad will get compliments from the other dog dads.

Allbirds gray shoes

For the dad who texts you about his new playlist...

Volume up. Sonos speakers are easy to control from his phone and he can access thousands of playlists on them. Smart speakers, on.

Sonos speaker

For the dad with all the dad jokes...

Deal him in. Cards Against Humanity is the game that will have him and all his friends laughing out loud. Side of beer recommended.

Cards Against Humanity set

For the dad who cries during movies...

Get sentimental. Framebridge lets you custom-frame a pic of the two of you. Waterworks sold separately.

Framed photo of dad holding up son to dunk basketball

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