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The Best of Guilty Pleasures

Best of guilty pleasures partnership 00 Skimm HQ unpacks its guilty pleasures: carbs and books. PUBLISHED SEP 5, 2017

The Story

Turns out, good things don’t just come in small packages.

Agreed. Any ideas?

Skimm HQ has been sampling all of the luxe products and services to find the best guilty pleasures out there. And here are our favorites...


For when you take your beauty sleep very seriously...

Getting out of bed is hard. Lunya pajamas feel like you’re being cuddled by a cloud. Keep those comfort vibes going – from the coffeemaker, to the breakfast table, to maybe you can work from home today. Get them here.*

Bloom That

For when you want to bring the outdoors in...

BloomThat is here for you. They curate beautiful, affordable bouquets from gardens near you. Get those outdoor vibes going. Send yourself one now...and maybe book another for next week.*

Buick Encore

For when you want to find the perfect parking spot right outside your door...

This will make you feel like a parallel pro. The Buick Encore's available Front and Rear Park Assist feature will make sure you’re juuuust the right distance from the curb, and the cars around you, the first time you try. Every time. Learn more here.

Veronica Beard

For when you want to feel like Andy Sachs in the Vogue closet...

Hi, Veronica Beard. This is the cool girl clothing line you’ll want all over your wardrobe. They make classics that’ll last forever and statements for right now. You can have whatever you like.*


For when your feet need a break from your work wardrobe...

Margaux can fix that. This shoe company customizes their kicks to your foot. No blisters. No breaking in. You might even keep your shoes on when you get home. Crazy.*

Fitness Junkie

For when you're planning what to pack for the long weekend...

“Fitness Junkie” by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza is your go-to. About a small business exec on a mission to lose thirty pounds – or she’ll lose her job. Enter: boutique fitness classes with screaming instructors, too many green juices, and a fitness tracker that will not quit. It’s not the deepest book you’ll ever read. But it’s the kind of frothy escapism that’s perfect for a long weekend. Get it here.*

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Skimm HQ has been curating the products and services that say ‘I’ll be there for you’ when you need to treat yo’self. Ahem, see below. More to come.

*PS: These are affiliate partners, which means if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. Thanks

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