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Saying 'Lemme Upgrade U' at Work and Home

Efficient upgrades partnership 00 Startup life sometimes means working on the go. PUBLISHED AUG 29, 2017

The Story

Sometimes your 9-to-5 sneaks into your 5-to-9.

Yup. What are you thinking?

We want you to add little luxe upgrades to your work and home life to treat yo’self for when you’re on – and off – the clock. These are Skimm HQ’s faves...


For when you live that open-floor-plan life...

These headphones give you space to think – no matter where you are. They’re perfect for those who get sh*t done to their favorite playlist (Skimm A’s is Deep Focus on Spotify), or just for silence. Get them here.*

ringly ring

For when you're trying not to look at your phone so much...

Say hi to Ringly. They make smart jewelry that’ll alert you only when the important people are trying to reach you. Think: your middle school mood ring with a high-tech upgrade. Ring me.*

Buick Encore

For when you've been at your desk too long...

Meet office #2. If you’ve still got a video conference to do but you’re ready to get out of the office, take it to the parking lot. The Buick Encore has available 4G Wi-Fi and a cabin designed to keep things hush-hush so you can focus before getting on the road. Learn more here.

poppin desk ornament

For when your desk space is looking a little tired...

Make it pop. These are office supplies that’ll keep your work space looking sleek and stylish and organized AF. Skimm teal, millennial can have whatever you like. Get into it here.*

nadaam sweater

For when they blast the AC at work...

Grab a Naadam. This is not a work sweatshirt, this is cashmere baby. So stock up on some scarves and never shiver through a meeting again. Brrring it.*

Hampton candle

For when you never have time for that end-of-day bath...

Get those bubbly vibes going anyway. These candles are our favorite way to feel a little luxurious at home – even if we’re still using the wifi. Bonus: they’re a LOT more reasonable than the other fancy candles you know.*

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Skimm HQ has been hard at work trying out all of the products and services that are perfect for when you want to take a T-O and treat yo’self. More to come.

*PS: These are affiliate partners, which means if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. Thanks.

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