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Skimm HQ Book Drive

Bookdrive guide header hero LAST UPDATED DEC 21, 2017

ou might have noticed that Skimm HQ loves books. We’re always reading something new, and we’re physically surrounded by thousands of books every day. And we know how much you love books too.

So this holiday season, we want to put this community’s bookworm ways to good use.

Here’s what we’re thinking... 

• Send us your favorite childhood book (newborn to age 18)

• Include a note explaining why it’s so meaningful to you (sending from Amazon? Use the "Add a gift receipt" feature at checkout)

• We'll make sure it gets into the hands of a kid who needs it in the NYC area

• For every book we get, we’ll also donate $2 up to $50,000

We'll be donating everything to Pajama Program. They’ll help us get books into the hands of kids here in NYC and across the country. And you'll get to follow along as we sort and then deliver the books across NYC. Send your new book and note by 12/22 to:

Skimm HQ
Attn: Book Drive
50 W 23rd Street
Suite 5B
New York, NY 10010

PS: if you need a phone number to place your order on Amazon our delivery number is 646-213-4754

I got an email that said my book couldn't delivered, what's up?

f your book was supposed to be delivered between 12/20 and 12/29 we have postal services (USPS, UPS, and FedEx) holding packages until we're all back from break. Don't panic – we'll get them! 


What charity are you donating the books to?

ajama Program. It gifts new pajamas and storybooks to at-risk children across the US, infant through age 18. Pajama Program has more than 3,500 receiving organizations, including shelters, group homes, foster care, social service organizations, Head Start programs and other organizations that serve at-risk youth. Read more about what they do here.


Where should I send the books?

kimm HQ. Include “Attn: Book Drive” so we know what it’s for.

Skimm HQ
Attn: Book Drive
50 W 23rd St.
Suite 5B
New York, NY 10010


But I live in NYC and want to drop books off...

nfortunately, the end of the year gets a little hectic in HQ. So please don’t come and drop them off – just send them to the office. We’ll have HQ'ers working in shifts to make sure we get all the books organized through the end of the year.


When does it end?

he earlier the better. But the last day we’ll be accepting books is 12/30.

Why Amazon? Only Amazon?

ecause it’s easy peasy – plus you can leave a message in a gift. Just make sure you select ”Add a gift receipt” at checkout. But you can send us a new book and a note from anywhere you want.


Can I donate used books?

o. Pajama Program delivers new pajamas and books to at-risk kids who have no personal belongings of their own. So something new is the way to go.



What should I include in the note?

xplaining why this book is meaningful to you would be a great place to start. Keep your note upbeat, since most of these kids don’t have much, and we want this to be an exciting experience for them.


Are there books that are off limits?

up. Pajama Program can’t take books that are religious, focused on the holidays, activity books, coloring books, and family-centric books. This means books that include “Mommy,” “Daddy,” or other family members. A lot of the kids Pajama Program serves are without families. 


HALP. I don’t know what book to send.

o worries. We made a list to give you some inspo. Some of them are Skimm HQ’ers faves from growing up. Some of them are recs from Pajama Program.


So you’re donating $2 for every book you receive up to $50,000. Where are you sending that money?

or every book that comes to Skimm HQ, we’re unlocking a $2 donation (up to 25,000 books or $50,000) to Pajama Program.



How do I know you’ve donated the books?

eep reading the Daily Skimm. We’ll update you there and on Instagram as books start to come in. And we’ll drop them off in January -- stay tuned. 


Why am I sending the books to you and not Pajama Program?

ajama Program doesn’t have a fulfillment center in NYC. But we have a brand new office that’s got plenty of space to make it happen here. Oh and the best part is we can report back to you on Instagram and have you join us (digitally) when we deliver the books in January.

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