Reparations, 5G, and Game of Thrones | Skimm This | theSkimm

It’s April 12. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Students at Georgetown University voted to help the descendants of slaves who were sold by their school. We dive into the controversy around reparations, and why it’s gaining traction in the 20-20 race.
  • The Trump Administration is in the race to make the internet available everywhere. We’ll tell you about how it would impact rural communities and close the “Digital Divide.”
  • Millennials are saving an unexpected industry – they just have to remember water and sunlight.
  • And finally: winter is finally here. We’ve got a few fun facts to get you ready.

theSkimm: Georgetown students want to help make amends for history. They voted to add a little extra to their tuition to pay reparations to the descendants of Georgetown’s former slaves. President Trump is also trying to help people who have been underserved. By the Internet. He announced initiatives to expand 5G and help people in rural America. Also on today’s episode: how millennials are saving houseplants and how Game of Thrones is going to save our Sunday.

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