Climate Strikes, Pacific Islands, and Japanese Whisky | Skimm This | theSkimm

It’s September 20th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • Millions of people hit the streets today as a part of a global climate strike movement, dialing up the expectations on world leaders ahead of a key UN summit next week.  
  • Taiwan suffered another setback this week in its long-running standoff with China, as the island nation of Kiribati cut diplomatic dies and flipped its support to Beijing.
  • The votes from Israel’s parliamentary election are in, but Israelis are ending the week with few clues about who will lead them.
  • And finally: it turns out that bottle of “Japanese whisky” might not actually be from Japan.

theSkimm: The world was gripped by massive student-led climate strikes today. Some say the demonstrations were the largest climate protest in history. We’ll let you know what strikers want and what they’ll be watching for at a big UN climate summit on Monday. Meanwhile: Taiwan’s friend group got a bit smaller this week, as it loses support from two of its traditional backers in the Pacific. Also on today’s show: a quick update on Israel’s election, and the truth about Japanese whisky.