Skimm'd after finding the perfect white elephant gift

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DECEMBER 13, 2017



Skimm'd after finding the perfect white elephant gift


"She did not receive what she believed to be an adequate amount of Sriracha sauce" – Why one woman got PO'd and was asked to leave a restaurant. She needs more hot sauce in her bag.


The Story

Democrat Doug Jones won the Alabama special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions's old seat.

Was that expected?

No. The polls showed it would be a tight race, but 'Bama is a deep red state. So this was Republican Roy Moore's race to lose. But the former state Supreme Court chief justice has had nine women come forward since last month to accuse him of sexually harassing and molesting them. Some say they were teenagers when it happened.

What'd Moore say?

That these allegations aren't true.

What'd everyone else say?

President Trump and the RNC said 'got your back.' Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) did not. Alabama's other Sen. Richard Shelby (R) wrote in someone else.

So what's the latest?

Jones, the former US attorney who prosecuted KKK members, won by more than 20,000 votes. And is saying 'thanks' to black voters for turning out in a big way. Trump congratulated Jones, and said the GOP will get another shot at the seat soon. Many Dems see this as a way to build momentum going into 2018.

What's Moore saying?

He's not conceding. And could call for a recount. But Alabama only pays for that kind of thing if the race is suuuuper close. This is not that race.


Alabama voters shut out an alleged child molester to vote in the first democratic senator in more than two decades.


What to say when you're the last one in the office…

Time to go home. Russian President Putin said some Russian troops in Syria will also be packing their bags. Reminder: Russia has been supporting Syrian President Assad in the country's brutal civil war against rebel forces and, separately, ISIS. Now, ISIS is on the run and the rebels are running out of territory. Meanwhile, the UN is calling for more aid to Syrian refugees and neighboring countries that host them. The civil war has led to a major humanitarian crisis, with millions of Syrians having fled over the country's border. Now, the UN says if these people don't get aid, there could be another wave heading for Europe.

PS: Need a refresher on the migrant and refugee crisis? Here you go.

What to say when someone cuts you off…

Not cool. That's what Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) is saying to President Trump. Earlier this week, Gillibrand said Trump should resign over sexual misconduct. It came after several women, who previously accused Trump of sexual misconduct, called on Congress to investigate his behavior. She wasn't the only one. Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Sen Jeff Merkley (D-OR) also chimed in. Yesterday, Trump took to Twitter, saying Gillibrand is a "lightweight" who "would do anything" for campaign donations. Many people said the 'would do anything' line was implying something sexual. Gillibrand called the tweet a "sexist smear" and said her voice "will not be silenced."

What to say to your friend who's dating two people at once…

Hedging your bets. The world's first index fund for cryptocurrencies is now taking investors. This is another step in bringing digital currencies – like bitcoin – into the mainstream. And getting people who are too afraid to go all in on bitcoin to get in on the trend by investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, a French real estate firm is paying almost $16 billion to buy...malls. Specifically, the mall operator Westfield Corp. The move lets the buyer – Europe's biggest property owner – get some prize real estate in the US and UK. And shows that even major malls are struggling to compete with online companies like Amazon. Get in loser, we're going online shopping.

What to say when you have an early morning meeting…

Can I skip? Yesterday, Congress's deadline to decide whether to re-impose sanctions on Iran came and went.

What to say to your friend who doesn't like cold weather…

Fair, but check out this giant penguin.


Reindeer boob

Dressing up your boob to look like a reindeer. Because ugly holiday sweaters just aren't good enough anymore.


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