Skimm'd while picking out reads for under the tree...and ourselves

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DECEMBER 15, 2017


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Skimm'd while picking out reads for under the tree...and ourselves


"What do you mean we don't have 200 extras?" – Jon Snow. He's doing a show that's not "Game of Thrones" and is having a hard time adjusting.



The Story

The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is in trouble.

What's that?

CHIP uses federal funds to provide health insurance for nearly nine million kids from low-income families that don't qualify for Medicaid.

So what's going on?

Earlier this year, funding for the program expired. Congress has been a bit preoccupied (hello tax reform) and still hasn't come up with a fix. Lawmakers are expected to tack CHIP funding onto a gov spending bill next week. But it's unclear if that's a sure thing. In the meantime, states on the verge of running out of money are starting to warn families that the program could collapse by early next year.


If Congress doesn't act, hundreds of thousands of kids with life-threatening conditions may no longer have health insurance.

The Internet

The Story

The FCC wants to live life in the fast lane.

What happened?

Yesterday, the independent government agency voted to ditch net neutrality aka the idea that Internet providers can't speed up or slow down a site's connection based on its ability to pay. The Obama-era FCC put net neutrality rules in place. Now it's reverse, reverse.

What happens now?

Supporters say removing these regulations will increase competition and give customers more Internet options. Critics say the opposite will happen and several state AGs plan to sue.


Nothing is changing overnight. But as of yesterday, the Verizons and Comcasts of the world will have free reign to play favorites online.

PS: Need some visuals? Here's your Skimm on net neutrality.


What to say when you see celebs investing in Brandless

Want in on this. Yesterday, Disney announced it's buying a big chunk of 21st Century Fox. The more-than-$52 billion deal would sync two of the world's biggest entertainment companies. 21st Century Fox – headed by billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch – is selling Disney its movie and TV studios, and some cable and international TV biz. Disney will also get majority control of Hulu. But Fox News stays in the Murdoch fam. Disney's hoping these shiny new toys will help it compete with online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. It's a competitive world after all.

PS: 21st Century Fox is a minority investor in theSkimm

What to say when you hear Joe Biden thinks he owes Anita Hill an apology

Better late than never. Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) – the one who's been under the microscope for using taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment allegation – says he won't run for reelection. Meanwhile, Roy Moore – the alleged child molester who just lost AL's special election this week – still hasn't conceded. He says he's waiting on God to step in. Also, Russell Simmons – the music producer who's been accused of rape and sexual misconduct by at least nine women – is denying the allegations and trying to get #NotMe trending. Oh and Dustin Hoffman – who's already facing several sexual harassment allegations – can add three more to the list, including one who was a minor at the time. He reportedly denies the allegations.

What to say when you hear "Curb Your Enthusiasm" was renewed

One less thing to say goodbye to. Yesterday, The New York Times said longtime publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is retiring at the end of the year. The Ochs-Sulzberger family has owned the paper since the late 1800s. Sulzberger Jr. has overseen the Gray Lady for the last 25 years. The paper has won dozens of Pulitzer Prizes on his watch. His son will take over. Meanwhile, a new report says House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is over it and might retire after 2018. Ryan says he's not going anywhere...soon.

What people are talking about…

Myanmar. Earlier this week, police there arrested two journalists who've been covering the Rohingya crisis. Rohingya: a Muslim minority group that has been persecuted in the mostly-Buddhist country for years. Earlier this year, the military violently cracked down on the group, including raping and killing many of them, and burning down their villages. A new report says at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in the first month of violence. That includes more than 700 children under five years old. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled to neighboring Bangladesh. Myanmar's gov, and its Nobel Peace Prize-winning leader, have gotten a lot of international shade for how they've handled the crisis. Now this latest development is raising fears about freedom of the press. And yesterday, the head of the UN called on the international community to push for the journalists' release. The gov says these reporters "illegally acquired information" about what's happening there. It's unclear if or when they'll be released.

What to say to your friend who doesn't realize she's in a toxic relationship…

Putin on the risk.


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For when you've finished every Toni Morrison book...

Here's your next read. It follows a black woman and her two kids as they drive to pick up their white dad from prison. The road trip does not go smoothly. Get it here.

Btw, here are some of our other favorite reads for under the tree...or just for yourself. Also, while Skimm HQ is doing our book drive, we aren't making any money on any of these recs.

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