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November 4, 2021
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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“I ain't paying $28 million” – Tom Hanks, rejecting Jeff Bezos’ offer to go to space. What happened to free 2-day shipping, Jeff?

Families Left Behind

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The Story

Paid family leave could be back on the table.

Is it though?

It’s a fair question. The US is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't guarantee paid leave. Federal law guarantees new parents get 12 weeks off...but that leave isn’t necessarily paid. Instead, it’s up to individual states and businesses to decide whether to allow working Americans – healing from childbirth, bonding after adoption, or caring for a sick parent – to engage in caregiving while keeping their salary. It’s no wonder the US is in a caregiving crisis. One that COVID-19 has only made worse. Enter: the paid leave debate.

Let’s hear it.

For months, lawmakers have been debating a $3.5 trillion social spending package that could include everything from universal preschool to climate spending. But Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have pushed back on the price tag. Last week, President Biden announced he was trimming down the bill by half – including taking paid leave off the table. Now, after major pushback, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says she wants to bring it back. And is pushing for four weeks of paid leave, down from 12.

Let’s talk about that number.

Shall we? It can take at least six to eight weeks to recover from childbirth. During that time, many new parents are learning to feed their babies. And a large portion (think: about one in three births) are recovering from C-sections. Even with the lower number of four weeks under consideration, there’s no guarantee paid leave will pass Congress. Manchin called the news that paid leave was back under consideration “a challenge” and apparently added: “they know how I feel about it.” But at least one lawmaker's had enough of his unyielding opposition, telling him: 'the world doesn't revolve around you.'


Only 23% of American workers have some type of paid family leave. Members of Congress may know how they “feel” about that. Poll after poll shows American workers do, too.

PS: Our co-founders and co-CEOs Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg are shining a light on how paid family leave, or lack thereof, has an impact on America. Help spread the word by using #ShowUsYourLeave on social media.

And Also...This

What also has national implications…

Voting rights. Yesterday, Senate Republicans blocked another major voting rights bill. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act – named after the former congressman and civil rights icon – would have restored a key part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. A provision that SCOTUS struck down in 2013. In August, the House passed a bill to bring it back. But Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) was the only Republican senator to support it in the upper chamber. And without the votes, the bill couldn’t advance.

  • Is it time?: Some Senate Democrats are saying 'the filibuster's gotta go' (more on that here). Others are working to make changes to be able to push voting rights forward.

  • Growing restrictions: Last month, the Brennan Center for Justice found that 49 states have intro'd over 425 bills that include efforts to restrict people’s right to vote.

...Oh and speaking of voting, two candidates made history yesterday. Meet Winsome Sears (R) – the first woman and first woman of color elected as lieutenant governor of Virginia. And Gov. Phil Murphy (D) – the first Dem governor to get reelected in New Jersey since 1977.

What’s getting a second look…

The Second Amendment. Yesterday, the Supreme Court appeared ready to expand the constitutional right to bear arms. In 2008 and 2010, the Supremes ruled that a person can own a gun at home for self-defense. Now, the high court is hearing a challenge against a New York law requiring a license to conceal carry outside the home. It comes after two NY men sued the state, saying their rejected applications for licenses were a violation of the Second Amendment. During oral arguments, most of the Supremes seemed skeptical about the law. And questioned why local officials have the power to weigh in on a constitutional right. It’s the high court’s first major gun rights case in over a decade. A decision isn’t expected until June.

  • Eyes on the bench: If the Supremes strike down NY’s law, it could mean that similar laws in six other states (CA, HI, MD, NJ, MA, and RI) go down, too.

What’s saying ‘the name’s bond’...

The Federal Reserve. Yesterday, it said it’ll be pulling off the bandage on the US economy. The pandemic turned the economy upside down, closing down businesses and putting millions out of work. So, the Fed stepped in to buy gov-backed debt (think: mortgage-backed securities and bonds). And let it rain, buying about $120 billion each month to keep the country’s cash flow going. But later this month, the Fed will start buying $15 billion less each month. Federal interest rates will still remain near zero. It comes as inflation is expected to remain high until next year.

PS: Get to know the Fed better and how else it can affect your wallet.

What’s got us singing ‘I’m like a bird’...

Female condors. Last week, researchers say they found two birds were able to produce a chick without a male partner. All you need is self-love.

Who’s got us believing…

Diana Ross.

Skimm Well

You've probably heard of migraine (psst...it really is "migraine," not "migraines"). But did you know the disease affects over 1 billion people around the world? Yes, billion. With a B. 

Symptoms aren’t the same for everyone, but there are common triggers. Like stress. Research shows up to 80% of people with migraine report stress as a trigger. And anxiety about future attacks (or no one understanding what you’re going through) can cause more stress. Hi, vicious cycle. If this sounds familiar, you could try cutting back on commitments and/or making time for meditation. Btw, Nurtec® ODT (rimegepant) may also help. Talk to your doctor to learn more about the only pill proven to treat and prevent migraine attacks.

Flights with Flexibility

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The Sleigh List

Design: theSkimm | Photo: Brittany Sturrett

‘Tis the season to find a gift your mom won’t return, an unexpected present that'll make your dad smile, and something special for the friend who has everything. Making a list (and checking it twice) can be stressful in a normal year. Add this year’s worldwide shipping delays, and holiday shopping just turned into a big headache. And that’s where we come in. 

Introducing the Sleigh List: our guide to the best holiday gifts for everyone on your A-list. Check out what made the List this week:

Psst...Check out more recs here, and then watch this space. We’ll have more and more ideas coming at you all season long. 

Skimm Picks

Here are today’s recs to help you live a smarter life… 

1. Patent leather accessories to add a little ‘oomph’ to your look. Or a lot, depending on your mood. Hammitt’s new collection includes totes, shoulder bags, and wallets in a drool-worthy plum color. With their signature metal detailing and the glossiest of finishes. Shine on.*

2. The sleep and loungewear layers you need in your life. Because it’s officially cozy szn. And you’re gonna want this brand’s waffle thermals, leggings, chunky sweaters, and silky PJs to get through it. Btw, Skimm’rs get $20 off $100+ purchases with code FOR-SKIMMRS. Shop now.*

3. Delicious, chef-crafted smoothies, bowls, and soups delivered to your door. Zero-prep meals made with whole, sustainably grown fruits and veggies? This brand knows what’s up. And their newly launched energy-boosting bites make for the perfect on-the-go treat. Here’s up to $40 off your first box.*

4. How to tackle acne in hard-to-reach places. This award-winning clay and mist duo uses ingredients like sulfur and zinc pca to fight discoloration and body breakouts. Aka those stubborn spots on your neck, chest, back, or butt. Oh, and Skimm’rs get 10% off.*

5. The only sale that matters if you’re celebrating the holidays virtually. Facebook’s offering $100 off their Portal device and $70 off their Portal TV. From now until Nov 7. Psst...don’t forget to peep their latest releases (we see you, Portal Go and Portal+).*

*PS: These posts were created together with our partners.


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†Psst...Nurtec® ODT 75 mg orally disintegrating tablets is a prescription medicine for the acute treatment of migraine attacks and the preventive treatment of episodic migraine in adults. Do not take if you are allergic to Nurtec ODT or any of its ingredients. The most common side effects were nausea (2.7%) and stomach pain/indigestion (2.4%). Please visit Nurtec.com for full Prescribing Information, Patient Information and Important Safety Information. Please visit nurtec.com for full Prescribing Information, Patient Information and Important Safety Information. US-RIMODT-2100926 10/27/2021

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