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Senior Vice President: Lori Leibovich


Managing Editor: Niven McCall-Mazza

Daily Skimm
Senior Editor: Clem Robineau
Editor: Julie Shain
Editor: Ellen Burke
Writer: Mariza Smajlaj 
Writer: Maria del Carmen Corpus

Senior Editor: Hadley Malcolm
Senior Writer: Maria Martinolich
Producer: Sam Nicles
Associate Editor: Lindsay Schneider

Content Development

Managing Editor: Eugenia Cassidy

Skimm Well
Editor: Becky Murray 

Skimm Money 
Senior Editor: Elyse Steinhaus
Editor: Elizabeth Smith
Writer: Ivana Pino


Senior Producer: Julia Nutter
Host/Producer: Justine Davie
Associate Producer: Alex Carr


Senior Director: Rebecca Litt
Senior Producer: Rachel Klein

Branded Content 

Senior Director: Jessica Kelly
Senior Branded Content Strategist: Jana Pollack
Commerce Editor: Alexandra Napoli 


Vice President: Kat Lim

Brand Design
Director: Michael Gray
Senior Brand Designer: Minhee Kim
Brand Designer: ML Howell
Graphic Designer: Lindsay Lange

Product Design
Director: Ronlee Ben-Gal
Lead Product Designer: Emma Lawler

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