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19 Gifts for the Jet-setting Mom Who Loves to Travel

mother's day gifts for travel
Design: theSkimm | Photo:, Lululemon, Amazon
Apr 14, 2022

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If your mom (or the mom figure in your life) loves nothing more than packing her suitcase and planning her next getaway, you’re in luck. We rounded up the best gifts for weekends away, longer stays in faraway countries, and everything else in between (hello, road trips). From luggage organization must-haves to sentimental things that’ll help her remember every amazing moment on vacation, let’s get to it. Up, up, and away. 

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A leatherette holder that’ll level up her passport situation…

This one’s as cute as it is functional. It’ll cover her passport and has three slots for things like a credit card or hotel key. Mental vacation, here she comes. Psst…for 10% off, use code SKIMM10. ($13.99+,

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The ultimate coffee table book for a travel lover…

This New York Times book is based on its popular “36-Hour” series and is full of advice for planning a weekend trip to 130 different cities in Europe. Each vetted guide to a 36-hour stay includes photos, maps, and insider knowledge from Times contributors — with nearly 500 restaurant and 400 hotel recs throughout. All she’s gotta do now is book her trip. Bon voyage. ($32.49, Amazon)

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An elevated fanny pack that’ll hold all her essentials... 

No one could have predicted the return of the fanny pack would be so strong. But here we are, with so many stylish options. The Lululemon version is great for walks or toting the essentials around a new city — but sleek enough to wear out to brunch too. It’s also made from water-repellent material, so her stuff will be protected no matter what the elements bring. ($38, Lululemon)

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A lightweight piece of Roam luggage you can design for her…

Talk about customization. With eight sizes to choose from, she’ll have more than enough room for all her belongings. And if she’s a heavy packer, we suggest sizing up. Each bag comes fully equipped with a durable outer shell, a TSA-approved combo lock, smooth-riding wheels, and water-resistant inner lining. Customers rave about how and easy to spot on carousels it is, since you can select every color and detail. PSA: We’ve tried this suitcase and love how easy it is to maneuver and lift. ($550, Roam)

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A carry-on duffle with lots of pockets…

Enter: one bag that can hold everything. (Literally.) It’s got a shoe bag, laptop sleeve, key leash, exterior phone pocket, and mesh pouch for all her goods. Oh, and a luggage sleeve if she’s bringing more than one suitcase. It’s made from durable neoprene so accidental spills are NBD. We own this bag and absolutely love it. It’s our travel go-to. If you’re looking for more plane must-haves, we’ve got you covered there too. ($110+, Dagne Dover)

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A laptop case that’ll protect her very precious device…

This 16-inch puffy case provides added protection so she can have peace of mind while road-tripping (or flying) with her most valuable companion. Oh, and it’s machine washable and comes in a number of fun prints too. Safe travels. ($28, Baggu)

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Packing cubes to make her suitcase 10 times more organized…

The days of throwing socks into an open bag are behind her. With these pouches she’ll be able to sort delicates, shirts, pants, and more. Everything will have a designated home, which will make her hotel stay much more enjoyable and tidy. Plus, who can refuse these adorable prints? We’re partial to the bananas and grapefruits. ($30/2 pack, Baggu)

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A jewelry case for her most-worn earrings and rings…

Now she can jet-set with her precious accessories stowed away safely. This compact case has compartments for different items, plus little loops to keep necklaces from tangling. There are lots of different colors to choose from, and you can add her initials for a sweet personalized touch. ($19.99, SprinkledWithPink via Etsy)

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Mesh pouches for smaller items like makeup and medications…

Because she’s gotta have the necessities with her. These smaller pouches help corral the things she needs. We suggest using them for smaller bottles like daily vitamins and sunscreen. She’ll know exactly what’s inside so grab-and-go moments will be truly a breeze. ($19/2 pack, Baboon to the Moon)

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A slim wallet that’ll hold cards, cash, and coins…

Everything in one convenient place. And with room for up to 11+ cards, she’ll have more than enough space to slip in her ID. It’s made from premium, environmentally certified leather with RFID protection (aka coverage from a certain type of high-frequency card theft). Since the sleeve is so thin, she’ll be able to slip it into pants pockets easily. ($89, Bellroy)

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Chocolate chunk doughnut rounds that are perfect for on-the-go days…

So she’s never without a snack when she needs one — especially if your mom is the type of traveler who always wants a little something sweet in her bag. Think of them as a doughnut and a granola bar rolled into one. It’s chocolatey and nutty, with an added boost of protein and crunch. Plus they’re dairy-, gluten-, grain-, and peanut-free. ($13.99/6 pack, 2Betties)

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A handbag light that doubles as a phone charger…

No more blind rummaging through a purse. The light is motion-sensor activated, so once her hand enters the bag, it’ll illuminate. And if her phone is running low on juice, she’ll be able to charge it while on the go. Win-win. ($34.95, Grommet)

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Eco-friendly ribbed high-waisted leggings she won’t mind wearing for hours…

The perfect travel leggings have arrived. This buttery-soft pair (made from organic cotton) truly feels like a second skin, so she won’t be uncomfortable if she’s sitting for hours. They’ve got more than enough stretch, plus a wide waistband that won’t roll or pinch. We’ve worn them and can attest to how comfy they are. ($45, Pact)

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An ergonomic travel pillow so she can kiss those head-bobbing days goodbye...

This one is designed to secure her neck and stabilize her head while she sleeps. It has a bolstered face rest for chin support, plus a removable cover to make washing it no sweat. It also collapses into a mug-sized pouch when not in use. Sweet dreams to her. ($48, Cushion Lab)

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A cord pouch that corrals wires into a single, organized place… 

This small pouch, made from durable, recycled materials, keeps chargers, adapters, and other cables close at hand. It’s also a convenient place to stash other essentials, like lip balm, earbuds, or even a small bottle of hand sanitizer. So while she’s on the go, she’ll have all her charging accessories together. ($29, Day Owl)

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A vaccine card case for her VIP (very important paper)...

She’ll need it on her while she travels, so this case is perfect for keeping it dry and safe. There’s also enough room to slip in an extra credit card if she decides she just wants to take this out with her. If you’re looking for more options, we rounded up lots of vaccine covers here. ($16, Uncommon Goods)

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A travel journal so she can record amazing sights and memorable moments…

There’s a world map to highlight the countries she’s visited, plus prompts so she can write about what she ate, saw, and experienced. Maybe it’s a pasta dish that blew her taste buds away. Or seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. Either way, she’ll be able to look back and relive the wow-worthy moments all over again. ($26+, JenSimpsonDesign via Etsy)

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A US photo map she can fill with pictures…

Enter: the sentimental home decor piece she’s been searching for. As she visits each state, she’ll be able to fill the map with the perfect photo that encapsulates what that vacation was like. When friends and family visit, it’ll be the go-to convo piece. It’s available framed or unframed, and in four different colors. ($89+, ThunderBunnyLabs on Etsy)

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An outdoorsy candle if she can’t *yet* get outside but is yearning to…

Maybe she’s waiting to plan her next getaway but hasn’t been able to book the dates. This candle can help satisfy her wanderlust in the meantime. With hints of sandalwood, jasmine, and pine, it literally mimics a day spent in the forest. As she dreams of hiking Yosemite, this candle will fill her home with the crisp scent of fresh air and moss underfoot. ($34, Homesick)

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