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Peak Plant Aesthetic: Plant Stands, Hangers, and More for Every Budget

Plant Aesthetic
Design: theSkimm | Image: All Modern, Anthropologie
Jul 13, 2022

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Nailing the plant aesthetic in your home means more than just buying cute plants — it’s also about having all the accessories you’ll need to keep ‘em alive, healthy, and displayed in an eye-catching way. Like a plant mister for humidity or plant-watering globes for the perfect amount of hydration. We’ve rounded up all the best plant necessities you’ll need to hit your peak plant aesthetic in no time. And if you’re new to plant parenthood, check out our recs for plants (and more) that’ll have beginners saying ‘hi’ to their new green thumb.

A versatile macrame plant hanger to make use of vertical space…

We love these since you won’t have to break out the ladder to hang ‘em up. While regular plant hangers require a ceiling hook, these come with oak wood pegs you can screw into your wall. Plus, the hanging thread can fit virtually any planter with a base of 3 inches or larger. Grab a couple and hang them at different heights to create your own unique plant wall. Pro tip: The pegs have to be secured to a stud if you’re mounting them on drywall. Happy hangin’. ($48, The Sill)

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A tiered indoor plant stand that won’t break the bank…

It’s perfect for blossoming plant lovers and houseplant pros alike thanks to its buildable design. Choose your desired capacity — from five pots to 11 — and adjust your wood tiers however you’d like. And if you’ve got a little more room on your shelves, add some books or a couple vases for a decorative touch. ($19.99+, Amazon

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And one to fit the corner… 

It's made from durable, moisture-proof wood so you can store it both indoors or outdoors, and it’s got enhanced molds for stability. Its seven shelves can store up to 17 regular-sized pots, and assembly is a breeze. Oh, and if you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings, snag the taller version that stands just under 5 feet. ($38.99+, Amazon)

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A set of three iron planters to add a pop of color…

In three different sizes, perfect for your big, medium, and small indoor plants. We love the bright color options (like yellow and royal blue), and the elevated base that adds a couple more inches to the plant height. BTW, these don’t have drainage holes so you might wanna do a little DIY. Drilling a few small holes through the bottom and adding gravel as the base before the soil will help your plant drain properly. ($124, All Modern)

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Natural, dried pampas that work as decor in any room…

Flowers that you never have to worry about wilting? Sign us up. These pampas bouquets include florals, reeds, bunny tails, and pampas grass that have been dried and dyed. The stems are approximately 17 inches high, but can be trimmed to fit your vase. Psst…for optimal fluffiness, leave them in the sun for a few hours before use and spray ’em with hairspray to keep the shedding to a minimum. ($17.98+, Amazon)

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A planter pot with a Grecian-inspired design…

Elevate the look of any greenery in your home with this bust-shaped planter, which has been handcrafted from cement and brushed with a bit of gold accent paint. Each piece has its own unique variations, and it comes in two size options: The small stands at 6.5 inches, and the large at 11 inches. ($28+, Anthropologie)

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Three mini plant-watering globes that’ll do the work for you…

Also known as the ultimate hack to keeping your plants alive. These globes water your plants for you, letting out only what they need when they need it. No house sitter required to check on the plants while you’re on vacay. All you have to do is remember to fill ‘em up every two weeks. Simple enough. ($14.99, Amazon

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A chic plant mister to keep your plants hydrated…

Misting your plants boosts humidity and reduces the risk of overwatering. This mister is a small glass bottle with accented misting pump in three colors, and the plastic pump won’t rust. Spritz it up. ($12, Urban Outfitters)

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