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Press Pause: Celebrity Books, Meal-Prep Tips, and Netflix Food Shows

Press Pause with theSkimm
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Oct 19, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1… 

1. Lazy cleaning products for when you just can’t. 

Dust takes no days off. Which seems really rude, tbh. We’ve got things that’ll tackle dirt, grime, and mud with minimal effort on your end. Bless. 

2. Meal-prep tips to get you through the week.

Prep yourself before you wreck yourself (and your lunch and dinner). Taco Tuesday, here you come. 

3. 20 of the best-ever books by celebrities.

For when you want the true Hollywood story. Mindy Kaling, Demi Moore, Gabrielle Union, are here to spill the tea. Drink up.

4. 16 useful products that can do multiple jobs. 

When it comes to multitasking, these items say, “What? Like it’s hard?” Enter: a five-in-one cooking utensil, and blow-dryer that’s also a brush. Kick back in…

5. Cashmere tops to start living in. 

Not to state the obvious, but it’s sweater season. And this brand is having a rare sale on cashmere. But it ends tomorrow at midnight. In other words, this is the moment to make your comfy, cozy dreams come true. Don’t let it slip away.*

6. The most popular Halloween candies in every state.

Apparently there are people out there who like Hot Tamales. We’ll just be over here, utterly baffled, with a bag of Reese's Cups.

7. Our guide to fall loungewear that’ll keep you cozy. 

Because yes, we’re still wearing sweatpants. Stop asking.

8. Something you can do now to plan for kids later. 

This fertility hormone test gives you clinically-sound answers to questions like how your egg count and fertility change over time. The best part? You can take it from home (aka in your PJs). Skimm’rs get $15 off. Now that’s a plan.* 

9. TV recs based on your mood.

Because in 2020, you need the option to go from crying to laughing in a matter of minutes. Ready, set, stream

10. What you need to know about Mercury retrograde that’s happening right now.

Gather your good luck charms and stay clear of Scorpios because these bad vibes are lasting through November. The only way out is through, right?

11. One way to step up your health game this fall. 

This company makes it easy for you to find the right vitamins and supplements for your health needs. Just answer their quiz and they’ll make research-backed recommendations tailored to you. Oh, and Skimm’rs get 50% off their first order. Be well.*

12. A guide to the 21 best food shows on Netflix.

Spoiler: there are other options besides “The Great British Bake Off.” Watching other people make and eat delicious things is always in season.

13. 11 things you should get rid of right now, according to professional organizers.

One day you’re in, the next day you’re out. That is, if you’re old Tupperware without a lid. See ya.

14. Jeans comfy enough to replace your WFH leggings. 

This brand’s high rise skinny jeans have just the right amount of stretch to be flattering and become your new go-to pants. Oh, and they’re available in a variety of washes perfect for fall. Pssst... Skimm’rs get free shipping. Enjoy.*

15. Things to add to your home to make you feel like an adult. 

If table runners and accent furniture don’t scream ‘I'm a legitimate grown-up,' we don’t know what does. 

16. The best chicken recipes of all time. 

Seven categories. 80+ recipes. Cheers to never having to think about what’s for dinner again. Yes you chick-can. 

17. Glamour’s Women of the Year. 

Featuring front-line workers, a civil rights superhero, a Hollywood multihyphenate, Inspiration, coming right up.  

18. And finally, three totally random things that make us happy:

These fuzzy socks, wildflower soap petals, and an adulting ribbon

‎*This denotes a sponsored post.

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