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Skimm Faves: April’s Bestselling Cleaning Products and More

april skimm faves
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Etsy, Uncommon Goods, Amazon
May 3, 2022

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You know what they say: Out with the old (April showers) and in with the new (May flowers). But before we start celebrating Mother’s Day and the start of wedding season, we have lots of faves to deep dive into from last month. From home organization products and spring cleaning essentials to all the joy-sparking gifts in between, we’re taking a look back at all the products Skimm'rs loved from April — aka the most popular things you added to cart these past few weeks. Happy shopping.

Plus, for some of our absolute must-haves — from problem-solving products to go-to reads — check out our top Amazon picks. We’ve got anything and everything you need to live your best life and shop a bit smarter. Let’s get to it…

A cowl-neck dress that comes in over a dozen floral patterns… 

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. We love the asymmetrical silhouette of this silky midi dress — and the 15 vintage-esque floral patterns it comes in. Reviewers say it’s true to size and a flattering option for curvy bodies. You can dress this one up for a semiformal wedding and then swap the heels for sneaks and get some additional wears out of it for brunch dates with pals. So it isn’t a one-and-done outfit. Party on. ($98, Astr)

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A candle you’ll wanna burn for hours…

Choose the cactus terrarium for a pine and vanilla scent or go for poppy, which smells like jasmine and white tea. Both are hand-poured in Vancouver, so you’re also supporting a local artist when buying. If you’re uber candle-obsessed, you can get a larger size with more cacti for a longer burn time. ($27+, Uncommon Goods)

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No-slip hangers that will keep your clothes off your closet floor…

Once you use these you’ll never go back. Made with silicone and stainless steel, these not only prevent your stuff from getting wrinkled or sliding off. But they’ll also help you save that precious rod space. Each one can hold five items (pants, scarves, towels, you name it). Guess we can take this as an excuse to go shopping now. ($16.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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Colorful low-top sneakers that have taken over the internet…

Those 15K (yep, 15,000) five-star reviews can’t be wrong. These low-top canvas kicks are comfy, sustainably made, aaaand come in more colors and patterns than you can count. Including a few shades inspired by Pantone. It’s no wonder even celebs are obsessed. The best part? Skimm’rs get a sweet discount. ($79, CARIUMA)*

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A set of beauty tools for when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed…

Puffiness, be gone. A jade roller and gua sha combo is the perfect starter pack if you’re just getting into practicing lymphatic drainage or want to upgrade your skincare routine. The pressure and movement of the tools can firm your skin while improving blood circulation. Who doesn’t want that? These are made with 100% genuine jade so there are no added toxins. Just be sure to apply a serum or oil first before ya go to town. It’ll help the tools glide over your skin. ($8.99+, Amazon)

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A toilet cleaner to make that old bowl brush obsolete…

Each head is pre-filled with cleaner so you don’t have to reach for an extra bottle or have to deal with touching bleach. And you can toss the head out once you’re done. Aka no more grimy brushes sitting in your bathroom. What more could you ask for? ($9.38+, Amazon)

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A monogrammed jewelry case to hold your prized possessions…

Now you can jet-set with your precious accessories stowed away safely. This compact case has compartments for different items, plus little loops to keep necklaces from tangling. There are different colors to choose from, and you can add your initials for a sweet personalized touch. Plus, it makes for the easiest gift. ($19.99, SprinkledWithPink via Etsy)

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A ribbed bathing suit that doubles as a bodysuit…

Aka the piece you’ll reach for again and again. This Andie Swim best-seller has a fully adjustable neckline. So you can take your look from sexy to sporty in a snap. Oh, and it’s got removable cups in case va-va-voom isn’t your vibe every day. Did we mention the fabric is supportive enough for serious swims but comfy enough to wear all day (and night)? ’Cause it is. ($115, Andie Swim)*

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An at-home foot mask to help ya get ready for sandal season…

This foot peel includes a trio of chemical exfoliants: salicylic-, glycolic-, and lactic acid. Each works to slough away layers of dead skin to reveal baby-soft feet. Just pour the activating essence into the booties, strap them on, and put your feet up for an hour of streaming. You won’t notice results the second you take the booties off, but within just a few days your skin will begin to peel. Our feet have never felt so smooth up to a week after. ($19.99, Amazon)

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A dainty multiname necklace for all the loved ones in your life…

No favorites here. You’ll be able to proudly represent all of your loves at the same time. TBH, we don’t know who wouldn’t completely adore a necklace like this. It comes in various lengths (up to 20 inches) and can hold up to four names. ($18.90+, GlamourJewelryHouse via Etsy)

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A grout brush to help you clear gunk from the bathroom floor…

That brown grout? Yeah, it’s supposed to be white. Now you can restore it back to its original color. And while you’re at it — you can get into door and window tracks too. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance. Spring cleaning, here you come. ($6.95, Amazon)

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An elevated fanny pack that’ll hold all your essentials... 

No one could have predicted the return of the fanny pack would be so strong. But here we are, with so many stylish options. This Lululemon version is great for walks or toting your essentials around a new city — but sleek enough to wear out to brunch too. It’s also made from water-repellent material, so your faves will be protected no matter what the elements bring. ($38, Lululemon)

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A closet shoe organizer that’ll save you a ton of space…

Instead of placing your shoes side by side on a rack, these slots let you store them on top of each other. You can adjust each individual unit to four different heights. So you can fit your tallest heels and flattest sneakers and everything in between. The slots have grooves on them that’ll prevent your shoes from falling off. Plus, it’s made of nontoxic material and can be cleaned easily with water and soap. Stack, stack, stack it up. ($33.99/20 pack, Amazon)

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A tiny gadget that’ll prevent your hair from clogging the shower drain…

No more standing in murky puddles. It sits inside the drain and catches all the hair you seem to lose while washing. Plus, it won’t block water flow. And it takes 0.2 seconds to clean. Quick and painless. ($12.95+, Amazon)

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A trendy sweatshirt cause she’s not a regular mom…

She’s a cool mom. Sorry, we had to. This cozy sweatshirt says it all and comes in a range of sizes up to 2XL. You can also get it in a short-sleeve or long-sleeve T-shirt if you prefer, with more than ten colors to choose from. Go ahead and customize it; she’s worth it. ($11.98+, DesignsByArtworks via Etsy)

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A microwave cleaner to help remove even the most stubborn sauces…

This gadget (that’s wearing a cute dress, NBD) will produce steam to soften caked-on spills. So your cleaning time gets cut in half. No scrubbing necessary. Customers say it can leave a lingering vinegar smell, but you can add your own fragrance to it if you prefer. ($7.99+, Amazon)

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Wipes that’ll keep your fave pair of glasses nice and clean…

Cleaning off the random gunk on your glasses? One of those little things that you always forget to do that makes a huge difference. These trusty wipes have a streak-free formula that’s gentle and effective. They’re safe for coated lenses and can be used on all glass surfaces including laptops and phones. Plus, they’re individually wrapped, so you can pop a few in your bag or glove compartment and they’ll stay fresh. Staying prepared = winning. We love to see it. ($13.95/210 pack, Amazon)

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