Gifts for Friendship Goals

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National Friendship Day is Sunday, August 4th. It’s a day for your number one. The one who tells you when you have something stuck in your teeth. The one who takes you to the airport, sans complaints. 

A real M.V.P. 

That’s right. And they deserve an, gift. So start celebrating now, and keep it going all year long. Because you don’t need an excuse to shop for the recipient of all your single word text streams. Find our favorite finds to give our favorite people. 

I’m ready. 

One more thing: purchase gifts online with your Bank of America Cash Rewards card, and you’ll earn a little somethin’ on the side. We’re talking 3% cash back. So you can treat your friends and treat yourself, too.

For the friend who’s dedicated to meal prep life…

Porter Lunchbox
A portable lunch bowlnow $25, Amazon

theSkimm: Meet a sustainable way to eat in the office. This microwave and dishwasher safe bowl is easy to pack and makes your lunch less sad. 
Why it’s smart: Inspires cash-saving habits (bye, $15 salads).

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For the friend with a long commute…

Drink Soma Mug
A ceramic travel mugnow $30, Drink Soma

theSkimm: Holds 12 ounces of joe or caffeinated drink of choice.
Why it’s smart: Double-walled ceramic keeps drinks hot or cold. And the leak-proof bamboo lid makes it safe to store in your work bag.

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For the friend who’s first to text the group chat with plans... 

Shop Bop Picnic Blanket
Portable picnic blanketnow $65, Shopbop

theSkimm: This bright blanket folds into a carry-case for easy transport from car to patch of grass.
Why it’s smart: The blanket is waterproof, so you can eat and drink al fresco, stress-free. Bonus: looks good in photos.

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For the friend who’s far away…

Greetabl Giftbox
Personalized gift boxesPrice varies, Greetabl

theSkimm: From your wallet, with love. Greetabl lets you customize a gift box with pretty prints and tiny presents. Care package, but make it Instagram-friendly.
Why it’s smart: A fast way to shop and send curated gifts. PS: you can create prints out of your own photos.

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For the friend with something to celebrate…

Crate&Barrel Champagne Stopper
Pop bottles and stop bottlesnow $5.95, Crate & Barrel

theSkimm: Don’t let them waste a drop of bubbly with this no-slip steel stopper.
Why it’s smart: The medical-grade plastic seal keeps sparkling vino...sparkling. Extra points for sharing the bottle.

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For the friend with corner office goals...

Etsy Dream Big Pens
Dream big pen setnow $6, Etsy

theSkimm: These pens are meant to help their owner climb the ladder…or get to wherever they want to go.  
Why it’s smart: A little gift with big meaning. Good for jotting down 3am bursts of genius. 

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For the friend who knows how to layer necklaces...

Anthropologie Ring Dish
(Don't lose your) ring dishnow $16, Anthropologie

theSkimm: A dish for little things that doubles as decor. 
Why it’s smart: Keeps rings, necklaces, and other small items from getting lost forever (or hidden underneath a bedside table). Have not *not* been there.

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For the friend who’s your road trip buddy...

My Friend Anna
A cautionary talenow $18, Amazon

theSkimm: Rachel DeLoache Williams’ “My Friend Anna: The True Story of a Fake Heiress” chronicles the author’s friendship with a woman she thought was mega-rich...until she realized she wasn’t.
Why it’s smart: It started out as an article in Vanity Fair and ended up a national obsession. Read for an inside look at NYC’s elite - and a lesson in how people aren’t always what they seem.

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For the friend who always spills the tea…

Drink Ticket
Homemade Coupon for a Dinner OutPrice varies, made by y-o-u

theSkimm: Dinner plus drinks, dessert, and dishing.
Why it’s smart: Gift a catch-up session and a great meal in one. Bonus points for ordering more just so you can keep talking.


You love your friend, your friend will love these gifts. Reminder: shop online with your Bank of America Cash Rewards card and earn 3% cash back on every purchase. Win win win.

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