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Skimm Money: The Fed's Interest Rate Hike, Bear Market Territory, and Shortages

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Jun 17, 2022

This Sunday, we celebrate the dads, who deserve paid family leave just like moms. And Juneteenth, which marks the end of slavery in the US, but not inequality (more on that later). But before we head into the weekend…

Headlines, Skimm'd

Let’s Talk About…

The Black homeownership gap.

Juneteenth celebrates June 19, 1865, when the last enslaved Black Americans were freed. But it’s also a reminder of slavery’s lasting impact. Recent research shows that gains in Black wealth haven’t made up for the generations of growth lost to slavery. And the racial wealth gap is worse now than it was in the 1980s.Just 45% of Black households own their homes, as of 2022, compared to 74% of white households — a wider gap than before the Civil Rights movement, according to one study. Which impacts Black Americans’ ability to enjoy the long-term financial benefits and security of owning property and building wealth.One idea that could help? Reparations. But until the government takes action, activists and organizations like Habitat for Humanity are stepping up to support Black homeowners. We Skimm’d more about the Black homeownership gap and how to help close it. 

Hint: Like the many facets of systemic racism, there isn’t a whole lot individuals can do to fix the problem themselves. But if you’re looking to be part of the solution, there are small steps you can take.

Thing to Know

80.5 years

That’s the life expectancy for women born in the US in 2020. Men born in the US in 2020, on the other hand, are expected to live about 75 years. 

Since women tend to live longer, they may need to plan for extra years in retirement. And maybe even stretch their savings further or invest more before saying ‘see ya’ to regular paychecks. Psst…wanna learn more about money-ing with considerations like longevity, pay gaps, and career breaks in mind? Join Women Talk Money, Fidelity’s for-women, by-women community. So you can access resources, special events, and more. Oh, and get tips from women who get what you’re going through. Your future self will thank you. 

Make Good (Money) Choices

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If you’re looking for student loan forgiveness…

Check your eligibility. Because if you’ve worked in public service, you might be one of the more than 9 million people who qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness right now. Psst…many who are eligible haven’t started the paperwork yet. Historically, the program has been cumbersome for borrowers to get their debts forgiven.But the Biden admin is trying to improve it, including a waiver for certain requirements that expires in October. Not in public service? See our other tips on how to reduce your student debt as we wait for Biden’s decision on broader forgiveness.

Crypto, Decoded

Wondering what a cashless society would look like? Curious about how cryptocurrency could help close the racial wealth gap? Find answers to these questions and more when the latest edition of our monthly Skimm Money Future-Proofed newsletter hits your inbox this Sunday. Prepare to learn more about the future of money, from the basics and lingo to the wild news and hot coins. 

PS: Here’s last month’s issue, ICYMI.

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