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Skimm This: Ukraine Texts, Hong Kong Protesters, and Dino Bones

Oct 4, 2019

It’s October 4th. Today, we Skimm’d This: 

  • The impeachment inquiry took a new turn this week. We’ll connect the dots on what new texts reveal about US-Ukraine policy, and Trump’s public requests for help from foreign governments. 

  • Hong Kong’s chief executive instituted a ban on protesters wearing masks at demonstrations. We’ll explain the history behind mask bans, and how Hong Kong is reacting.

  • A humanitarian crisis is threatening Haiti, as protesters call for the President to step down. 

  • And finally: an Australian sheep farm ended up being home to a different kind of animal. 

theSkimm: The former US special envoy to Ukraine has handed over some of his texts as evidence in the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump. And now Trump is pulling China into the action, too. Meanwhile, protests in Hong Kong got kicked up a notch. The region’s leader invoked an old law to ban people from wearing masks while protesting. Turns out: there’s history here. Also on today’s show: Haiti’s president is facing some heat, and a dinosaur makes a surprise appearance. 

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