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Tug of War: The Future of the Supreme Court

Oct 2, 2020

The President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19. We've got the latest on that developing story in this morning's Daily Skimm.

President Trump’s tax returns are also in the news after a big report by The New York Times. We’ll break down the report's key findings, and hear what Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden had to say about the US tax system at this week’s presidential debate.

And speaking of that debate… if you found it hard to follow, you’re not alone. So now, the Committee on Presidential Debates is saying: “we've got to make some changes.” 

Then, we’ll introduce you to Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s nominee to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court. We asked three constitutional scholars to explain how her nomination could change the court for decades – and there’s a lot to cover. 

We also talked to award winning director Julie Taymor about her new movie “The Glorias,” spotlighting the life of women's rights activist Gloria Steinem. 

And finally, the CDC has outlined its health guidelines for having a safe Halloween.

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Maya Manian, visiting professor of law, American University

  • Seema Mohapatra, professor of law, Indiana University, visiting professor, Florida A&M University

  • Fatima Goss-Graves, President and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center

  • Julie Taymor, director, “The Glorias”

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