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Who’s in Charge Here? Congress, IG for Kids, Holiday Shortages

Sep 30, 2021

  • First up: We’ve got the latest on a major congressional hearing on Afghanistan, plus why March Madness isn't just for the boys anymore.

  • Next: Congress is running up against a few key deadlines — from a resolution to fund the government and avoid hitting the debt ceiling. We asked a DC reporter: why are reps cutting it so close?  

  • ICYMI: There’s been a lot of buzz (and confusion) about booster shots lately. We’ll break down who’s eligible … in 60 seconds.

  • Then: We’ve got a roundup of this week’s most important tech stories, from Apple’s foray into depression diagnosis to Facebook hitting pause on Instagram for Kids and NYC’s new bill to protect food delivery workers.

  • Plus: Supply chain woes mean it might already be time to start shopping for the holidays. We’ll look at why retailers are struggling to stock their shelves. 

  • Finally: We’ve heard a lot about the importance of “the Latino vote” in 2020. But politicians keep missing the mark when it comes to engaging Latino voters. We’ll talk to two experts about what political campaigns should be doing differently, and why understanding Latino voters is good for all voters.

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

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