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Looking Back, Springing Forward, and Hitting Up Obama

Mar 11, 2021

  • First up: Today, President Biden signed a long-awaited stimulus bill. We’ll break down three of the biggest wishes he granted and look at who’s gonna be affected. (Here’s the rest of theSkimm on the stimulus bill)

  • Then: We’ll explain the CDC’s new guidelines about what we can do once we’ve been vaccinated.

  • Plus: We’ll follow one Skimm HQ’er as she gets her first shot.

  • Remember Me? TheSkimm sat down with former President Obama this week and asked him what it will take for Americans to truly get to a place of racial equality.

  • ICYMI: It’s almost time to “spring forward” this weekend for Daylight Saving. We’ll share some tips to make losing an hour less difficult this year. 

  • Finally: A year after the pandemic officially began, we’ll talk to a grief counselor about reckoning with the losses we’ve dealt with — from loved ones to jobs — and how to move forward.

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Kat, Skimm HQ’er

  • Carly M., Skimm HQ’er

  • Barack Obama, Former President of the United States, author, “A Promised Land

  • Dr. Sonya Lott, licensed psychologist

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