The Best Books to Read in 2018

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The 2018 chapter is coming to an end. See what we did there? But are some of the best books of 2018. These were the most popular books with Skimm’rs. New year, same reading nook.

The Immortalists_Chloe Benjamin

For when you want to know what the new year will bring…
“The Immortalists” by Chloe Benjamin taps into your inner psychic. It follows four siblings over decades after a psychic tells them when they're all going to die. Your 2019 fortune: you won't be able to put this book down.

Fruit of the drunken tree_Ingrid Rojas Contreras

For when you binged Narcos last holiday break...
Replace it with the book version. "Fruit of the Drunken Tree" by Ingrid Rojas Contreras
is set in Colombia in the late '80s and '90s and follows two girls who form an unlikely friendship during the rising violence brought on by drug lord Pablo Escobar.

From the Corner of the Oval_Beck Dorey Stein

For when it’s hard for you to unplug over vaca…
Turn off the news notifications and read this instead. “From the Corner of the Oval” by Beck Dorey-Stein is written by former President Obama’s stenographer. Hint: the one who transcribes everything. As a 20-something, she was a fly on the wall for some of the biggest moments in political history.

When Life Gives You Lululemons_Lauren Weisberger

For when you asked for workout clothes to jumpstart your resolutions…
You can read about people wearing workout clothes instead. “When Life Gives You Lululemons” by Lauren Weisberger
follows the Emily character from “The Devil Wears Prada” all the way to Greenwich, CT. She’s become an Olivia Pope for celebs, and a political crisis ends up taking her to the suburbs.

Stranger in the House_Shari Lapena

For when you're staying in on NYE…
"A Stranger in the House" by Shari Lapena will keep you busy. It's about a woman who loses her memory after a car crash…which doesn't help when the cops think she was up to something shady before the accident.

Ghosted_Rosie Walsh

For when your ex sends you a champagne emoji…
No response. “Ghosted” by Rosie Walsh
is about a girl who gets, yup, ghosted. Turns out it’s not because he’s just not that into her. It’s for a different, more intriguing reason.

Halsey Street_Naima Coster

For when you’re seeing family…
"Halsey Street" by Naima Coster will give you all the family feels. It’s set in a gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood and gets into a serious family saga. Identity crisis included. Tissues sold separately.

Educated_Tara Westover

For when you need some inspo…
"Educated" by Tara Westover will do the trick. It's a memoir about a young woman from a survivalist family in Idaho. She doesn't set foot in a classroom until she's 17. But eventually winds up at one of the best colleges in the world.


For when your friend’s getting married in the new year…Bachelorette party? In Nashville? Groundbreaking. “All We Ever Wanted” by Emily Giffin is also set there. It's also apparently home to a lot of local drama. In this book, the son of a wealthy family gets involved in a social media scandal. Spoiler: all hell breaks loose, y'all.

Death of Mrs.Westaway_Ruth Ware

For when you want to start the year with suspense...
It’s in the cards. In "The Death of Mrs. Westaway” by Ruth Ware, a tarot card reader gets a letter that she's inheriting a lot of cash money. Problem is, it's not meant for her. And there's something veryyy strange about the inheritance itself.

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