Your Summer Reading List for July 4th Weekend

July 4th Reads Gilmore Girls
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Happy 4th of July weekend. We’re all about stars and stacks. Here are some summer reads you should read before and after (and during...) the BBQ...

For when you’d prefer fried chicken to a burger...

all we ever wanted

Get yourself a read that can do both. “All We Ever Wanted” by Emily Giffin (aka the author of “Something Borrowed” and other fave beach reads) is set in Nashville, TN. Home of fried chicken, country, and a bourbon-drinking elite. When the son of a wealthy family gets involved in a Snapchat scandal, all hell breaks loose, y’all.

For when you run into your ex at the 4th party...

tell me lies

Hold the fireworks. “Tell Me Lies” by Carola Lovering is about both sides of a toxic relationship that starts in college. It will make you want to hug your college self and tell her to walk awayyy from that frat guy. Think: “The Affair” meets “Animal House” meets your beach bag.

For when your friend forgets to bring Solo cups…

when life give you lululemons

Maybe grow up and drink out of a cocktail glass. Turning lemons into fancy spiked lemonade. “When Life Gives You Lululemons” by Lauren Weisberger follows the Emily character from “The Devil Wears Prada” all the way to Greenwich, CT. She’s become an Olivia Pope for celebs, and a political crisis ends up taking her to the suburbs. It’s handled. That’s all.

For when your SO asks if you want to
workout after the beach...

Death of Mrs. Westaway

It's not in the cards. "The Death of Mrs. Westaway" by Ruth Ware gets into literal tarot cards. In this thriller, a tarot card reader gets a letter that she's inheriting a lot of cash money. Problem is, it's not meant for her. And there's something veryyy strange about the inheritance itself. Plot, thickened.

For when you’re eyeing someone who’s
taken or inappropriate for you…


Red, white, and womp womp. “Indecent” by Corinne Sullivan is about a female teacher’s affair with a student at a boarding school. Spoiler: it’s f’ed up.

For when you need some alone time after
a lot of socializing...

the terrible

Pick up "The Terrible" by Yrsa Daley-Ward. She's an Insta-poet (think: quotes on your feed that give you all the feels). Her memoir might make you cry. You've been warned. But it will also make you root for her, and yourself.

For when you’re ready for something
unexpected to go down...

when katie met cassidy

“When Katie Met Cassidy” by Camille Perri will have you on your toes. Katie is a 20-something from Kentucky who gets dumped by her fiance...and finds herself into Cassidy, her new co-worker in NYC.

For when it’s hard for you to unplug over vaca...

from the corner of the oval

Turn off the news notifications and read this instead. “From the Corner of the Oval” by Beck Dorey-Stein is written by former President Obama’s stenographer. Hint: the one who transcribes everything. As a 20-something, she was a fly on the wall for some of the biggest moments in political history. With a side of White House relationship drama.*

For when you’re waiting on a text
while on the beach...


The only ghosting that’s accepted here involves being pale as a ghost due to SPF. “Ghosted” by Rosie Walsh is about a girl who gets, yup, ghosted. Turns out it’s not because he’s just not that into her. It’s for a different, more intriguing reason.*

*FYI - These are only avail for pre-order now. But we like them so much that we want you (and your beach bag) to get excited.

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