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The Best of 2019

Published on: Dec 29, 2019fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
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So long, farewell 2019. To celebrate, we rounded up everything we Skimm’d this year – from the biggest news stories to the buzziest articles. Plus a behind-the-scenes look at the New Year’s Eve ball drop.

The Year

It's been a year. Here's everything we Skimm'd in 2019.

The Headlines

This past year wasn’t all about Lizzo and Baby Yoda. Here are the most popular topics we broke down in our Guides.

- 2020 election: We’re less than a year out from the presidential election. Here's everything you need to know heading into 2020.

- Impeachment: After a months-long inquiry, the House voted to impeach President Trump. Here's your background on the impeachment process and how we got here.

- Sun safety: Over the summer, you guys couldn't get enough of our sun safety guide. Whether you're spending the holidays in the sun or planning your next beach trip, here’s how to make sure you’re giving your skin some TLC.

- China-Hong Kong: Since June, protesters in Hong Kong have taken to the streets over concerns about China's growing influence there. And tensions still haven't cooled down. Here's everything you need to know about Hong Kong's relationship with China.

- The Kurds: Earlier this year, President Trump pulled US troops from the Syrian border. That led to negative consequences for a key ally in the region: the Kurds. Here’s what to know about who they are and how Trump's decision impacts the Middle East.

The Reads 

Every Monday through Thursday, we scour the internet to send you a buzzy article to read during your lunch break, when your meeting is going too long, or for your dinner convo with friends. These were the most popular 5 Min Reads of the year.

- Dry Spell: Another thing millennials and Gen Z are apparently ruining: sex. Here's why.

- On top of the pyramid (pose): CorePower Yoga – the largest yoga studio chain in the US – wanted to be "the Starbucks of Yoga." So it trained its students to be teachers. Then came the drama.

- Team Bride: Bachelorette parties are leaving bridesmaids with a bad taste in their mouth. Here's how lavish wedding activities and doing it for the Insta have taken their toll on friendships and finances.

- Let’s talk about sex, baby: ICMYI, millennials have apparently been killing everything...including sex. But Cosmo's numbers – and millennials themselves – say that might not be the case. Warning: don't open this one in front of your boss.

- Can I take your order?: Some people don't think twice about going out to eat. That's not always the case for those who are plus-size. Here's what their experience is like, and how some are pushing for change in the restaurant industry.

Want a longer read to curl up with? We rounded up some of the best books of 2019 that you may have missed.

The New Year

You can’t start your ‘new year, new me’ mantra until the New Year’s Eve ball drops in Times Square. Skimm Notes talked to the man behind the ball about prepping for the big night.


Nice knowing you, 2019. Time for 2020 and the stories we’ll Skimm next year: the presidential election, impeachment, Brexit, the Olympics, climate change, the streaming services war, AI, awards season, and many more.

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