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Skimm Faves: September’s Bestselling Clothes and Accessories, Cleaning Essentials, and More

our bestselling products in september 2021
Design: theSkimm | Photo: ThirdLove, Nordstrom, Cuyana
Oct 7, 2021

It’s that time of the month again, where we look back and see what you kept adding to cart in September. Aka the products that were most popular and really caught your eye. Spoiler: lots of fall apparel and stuff to keep your home spotless. (If you missed August’s Skimm Faves, check it out here.)

And for some of our personal faves, from problem-solving products to eco-friendly swaps, check out all of our top Amazon picks. Anything and everything you need to live your life (and shop) a bit smarter. Let’s get to it...

Memory-foam-cushioned clogs with serious arch support…

For some reason clogs get a bad style rap, but we’re here to banish that idea. Skimm HQ highly recs these, with a few people confirming just how comfortable they are. They’re easy to slip into, provide more than enough padding, and have a lil’ buckle accessory we think is adorable. Case closed. ($134.95, Nordstrom)

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A layered necklace clasp so you can stop yours from tangling…

This way you can layer two or three necklaces together without creating a giant knot. This clasp will keep ‘em separate and will make putting them on even easier. ($17+, Gilded Sapphire Studio on Etsy)

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Something to help you absolutely crush your wellness goals... 

And build better habits along the way. Enter: Noom. They’re all about behavior change. Aka helping you understand the actual psych behind your existing habits. Then giving you the tools to create (and keep) new ones. Think: personal goal specialists, recipes, grocery lists, and calorie trackers. Oh, and did we mention you can try it for free for 14 days? Get in there.* (Prices vary, Noom)

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Brass cable clips that’ll organize your charging cables and look chic…

Consider these clips a small style win. Say goodbye to cheap-looking plastic ones and hello to brass clips that marry function with sophistication. You can use them for your WFH setup and for lamps you have placed around your home. Sometimes it really is the little things in life. ($11.98+, Brighttia on Etsy)

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An all-purpose cleaning paste that can be used around the house…

Like on ceramic showers, barbecues, and cookware. Psst...always test on a small area first since the paste is abrasive. To use, apply using a damp cloth, rub gently, and rinse off. Look at that shine. ($12.30, Walmart)

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A sweatshirt dress for when you need something to go from the office to happy hour…

This lightweight, breathable sweatshirt dress is a simple silhouette that can go with anything. Aka the design is basically a perfect blank canvas. Just throw on a scarf, jean jacket, printed tights, knee-high boots, or some jewelry. Cheers. ($19.99+, Amazon)

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Faux-leather leggings you can wear as pants during the colder months…

Because why wear jeans if you don’t have to? Pair these with an oversized sweater and you’ll have the perfect fall outfit. We’ve tried Yummie leggings, including their biker shorts and affordable ankle-length options and love them. They’re comfortable, with just the right amount of compression. ($68, Nordstrom)

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A tablet that’ll clear buildup in your dishwasher...

Yep, even your dishwasher needs cleaning. Oh, the irony. Once you start seeing those streaks on your glassware…you know it’s time. Drop in a tablet to power away leftover detergent and mineral buildup. And it'll get rid of some weird odors. You can add a tablet to a full load or run it solo (sans dishes). ($5.99/6 pack, Amazon)

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An embroidered sweatshirt all about good vibes…

It’s comfy, a bit oversized, and the perfect option for lazy days spent lounging around. Jen Zeano Designs sells a bunch of other apparel too — from tees to swimwear to clothes for kids. You can shop more from this queer- and Latinx-owned brand here and here. ($56+, Jen Zeano Designs on Etsy)

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A classic T-shirt bra with more than 48,000 reviews…

For real. This one from ThirdLove has memory foam cups that’ll form to your body and give you a smooth shape no matter what you’re wearing. This brand is known for its inclusive size offerings. They used more than a million measurements from women to come up with 80 sizes, including half-cup sizes. (Remember the golden bra-shopping rule: Look at the size chart.) New favorite bra, coming right up. ($65, ThirdLove

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Light-dimming stickers that lessen the intensity of LED lights…

Like the ones on appliances and cable boxes. Sometimes they seem 10 times brighter at night, especially when you just wanna fall asleep. While the inconvenience is small, the struggle is real. The stickers come in various sizes and are semi-opaque. They’ll actually dim lights so you won’t be so distracted. Happy snoozing. ($5.49, Amazon)

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A classic turtleneck that comes in every color under the sun...

This one is the perfect piece to have as the temps get cooler. Wear it on its own during early fall, and when winter rolls through just throw it under a jumper or thick cardigan for extra warmth. 10/10 would recommend. ($22.90+, Amazon)

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Patterned disposable face masks if you're bored of the standard blue... 

It's still the hottest accessory of the year, especially when traveling. So grab some that add to your outfit. These floral masks have three protective layers and are individually wrapped so you can toss an extra in your bag without fear of dirtying it. ($24.98/50 pack, Amazon)

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A bracelet tool so you can clasp jewelry without struggling…

This device helps you keep a hold of one side of a bracelet while you use your other hand to open and close the clasp. No more awkward wriggling. ($7.99, Amazon)

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A fume-free oven spray that’ll cut through grease…

And baked-on food. It also works on barbecues and doesn’t require scrubbing. Just spray, wait for 30 seconds, and wipe off. Good as new. ($4.88, Amazon)

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A zippered cardholder made from Italian leather…

It’s got five exterior card slots for easy access, just in case you need to pull out a credit card or ID quickly. The inside can hold cash and change. The entire thing is less than 6 inches wide, so it can slide into a back pocket. It’s made in a women-owned factory in Turkey, with sustainable practices to ensure that the leather is tanned responsibly. If you wanna zhuzh it up a bit, you can personalize with a monogram. ($75, Cuyana)

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A non-itchy oversized turtleneck sweaterdress for when you’re running late...

Keep this cleaned and in your closet at all times. In addition to its many colorways, it’s the long-lantern sleeves, ribbed cuffs, and chunky fabric for us. Wear it with bare legs, tights, jeans...whatever you fancy. Slip it over your head and you’ll be out the door in minutes. No buttons, zips, or anything to squeeze into here. ($36.99, Amazon

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