Skimm Faves: August’s Bestselling Car Essentials, Office Must-Haves, and More

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It’s that time of the month again, where we look back and see what you kept adding to cart in August. Aka the products that were most popular and really caught your eye. (If you missed July’s Skimm Faves roundup, no worries, we’ve got you covered.)

And for some of our top picks, from books to last-minute gift ideas to pet products, check out all of our Amazon faves. Anything and everything you need to live your life (and shop) a bit smarter. Let’s dive in...

A drain insert
A drain insert that’ll catch all the hair you lose while showering…

No more clogs and calls to a plumber. This gadget fits inside your drain, collecting all the hair that would otherwise plug your pipes. Once a week, take the insert out, give it a good wipe, and put it back. It’s as quick and painless as that. ($12.95+, Amazon)

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A Pyrex glass container
A Pyrex glass container set that can keep leftovers fresh…

The 18-piece set (including lids) also includes two mixing bowls and two baking dishes. The other storage pieces can double as serving platters. Everything is dishwasher-, oven-, and microwave-safe. Now you can meal prep and store everything in dishes that won’t crack or leak. Phew. ($35.93, Macy’s)

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Light-as-air bras
Light-as-air bras with just enough bump…

And support. And style. Oh my. This spacer bra and this deep-V push-up by LIVELY combine all the best features of your fave bra. And if that’s not a thing, then these are sure to become your top two. The spacer style’s got light padding and comes in five different colors (we see you, terracotta). And you can pair the push-up style with any low-cut shirt for full-on support, sans wires.* ($35 each, LIVELY)

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A laptop cleaner
A laptop cleaner for all those fingerprints and crumbs your comp collects…

The microfiber pad removes icky prints and smudges from the screen, while the soft brush sweeps away any dirt and leftover crumbs from your most recent snack. When it’s not in use, just pop the cover over the pad and retract the brush so both stay clean and protected in your desk drawer. Midnight munch while you’re scrolling Zillow? No one will ever know. ($10.99, Amazon)

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An affordable pair of leggings
An affordable pair of leggings that are incredibly soft...

Designed to be restriction-free, this lightweight pair is basically the less costly version of the well-known Lululemon Align leggings. Customers rave about the fit and design, saying that they’re just as comfy. They’re high-waisted with an inner pocket for valuables and come in a whopping 45 colors. ($25.96+, Amazon)

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A monogrammed vax-card holder
A monogrammed vax-card holder that’ll surely come in handy…

Feel free to personalize away. These handmade 100% leather holders double as a passport case so you can easily access your important info while you travel. You can choose your font color (gold, silver, black), your copy, plus some other symbols like a heart. Bon voyage. ($19.90+, EvtodiCom on Etsy)

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A handbag hook
A handbag hook that attaches to your passenger seat’s headrest…

So your bag doesn’t tumble over when you round a corner. Now you’ll have a place to hang your coat and lunch tote too. Let’s be real, your purse looks better right side up instead of upside down on the floor. ($6.99/4 pack, Amazon)

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mini garbage can
And a mini garbage can that’ll prevent a sea of wrappers from collecting underneath your car’s seats…

You can attach this bin to the back of your passenger seat or to the gear stick. Instead of crumbling your receipts or used napkins and tossing ’em on the floor, you’ll have a place to put everything. PS: Throwing stuff in the back doesn’t count either. Into the bin it goes. ($9.99, Amazon)

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pet candle
A candle that’ll eliminate icky pet smells from your home...

If your couch currently smells like your furry four-legged friend, raise your hand. This soy wax candle to the rescue. It neutralizes unpleasant odors (like those from litter boxes), keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. It has a burn time of up to 60 hours and comes in a bunch of scents. Plus it’s free of dyes, parabens, and formaldehydes. Wet dog? Smell ya later. ($21.99, Amazon)

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The ultimate coffee table book
The ultimate coffee table book for a travel lover…

This New York Times book is based on its popular “36-Hour” series and is full of advice for planning a weekend trip to 150 different cities worldwide. Each vetted guide to a 36-hour stay includes photos, maps, and insider knowledge from Times contributors — with nearly 600 restaurant and 350 hotel recs throughout. All that’s left to do now is book the trip. ($26.80, Amazon)

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A clear, TSA-approved bag
A clear, TSA-approved bag for all your toiletries…

So you don’t have to stress while you’re standing in the airport security line. These have a large zipper opening, which makes for easy use. Plus they’re corrosion-resistant and waterproof, so you can set ‘em right up in that hotel bathroom for quick access. ($9.98/3 pack, Amazon)

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Bar Keepers Friend,
Bar Keepers Friend, which can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoors…

Get ready for some sparkling cookware and faucets. This bleach-free formula can remove rust, tarnish, mineral deposits, and tough stains. It’s also safe to use on stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, fiberglass, brass, bronze, chrome, and aluminum. Once you’re done getting baked-on food off your oven walls, you can head to the bathroom and sprinkle it over your tub floor for some scrubbing. One cleaner, many uses. ($9.50/2 pack, Amazon)

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Lounge pants
Lounge pants the guy in your life will never wanna take off…

If he’s been married to the same pair of old gray sweatpants, it’s time for a breakup. These stylish pants bring top-quality comfort, so whether he’s on the couch or running errands, he won’t ever regret putting them on. Customers say they wash well with no pilling. Aka a dream. ($84, Nordstrom)

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Cable clips
Cable clips that will organize the jungle of charging cables hanging from your desk…

Instead of having cables rest on the floor, these clips will hold them in place. Every clip has a sticky back, so depending on your setup, you can stick each one in a different place where you need a wire available. When you’re running low on battery, you’ll have a charging cable waiting at the ready. ($5.79/6 pack, Amazon)

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A golf club cleaner
A golf club cleaner so you’re always ready for your next shot…

It can remove built-up dirt and grass, and houses a scrub pad, towel, brass groove cleaners, spray bottle, and more. It’s also pretty compact so you can carry it in your bag while you’re out for the day. Shiny, clean clubs, coming right up. ($29.95, Grommet)

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An all-natural candle inspired by the day they were born...
An all-natural candle inspired by the day they were born...

In need of a cute birthday gift? Look no further. These hand-poured ones burn between 60 to 80 hours and take some cues from the stars. There’s a candle for every day of the year, each with a custom scent and fun info like personality traits and a tarot reading based on their birthday. Blowing out their candles in three, two, one… ($38, Birthdate Co.)

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Jewelry Box
A jewelry box that’ll make transporting your precious items easy... 

You can select the color plus the option to print your name on the case. Inside there are slots for earrings, loops for necklaces and bracelets, and tiny compartments for rings. Now you’ll have a dedicated place for valuables when you’re on the go. ($24, Refined by Elegance on Etsy)

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Sweat-blocking wipes
Sweat-blocking wipes for those looking to give their underarms a break...

The scoop: They're quick and painless to use. Before bed, make sure your armpits are clean before giving them a good wipe. Over time, you'll find yourself getting way less sweaty when out and about. Don't believe us? Try 'em out. ($19.99/10 pack, Amazon)

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Whiskey glasses
Whiskey glasses that can be etched with the city of your choosing…

Happy hour is about to get sentimental. These glasses showcase the metropolis of your choice — whether it’s the city you grew up in, where you went to college, or the place you live now. The etching is intricate and even includes street names. Get cozy, though: Each sip may inspire a new story. ($18, Uncommon Goods)

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