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Paid Family Leave

The US is one of only a handful of countries in the world not to offer paid family leave at a national level. Even in the private sector, only about a quarter of US workers have access to it. Families need more.

While we’re proud of the benefits we’re able to offer at theSkimm, there’s more we can do. Join us in using our voices and platforms to advocate for transparency, visibility, and long overdue change.

Support Paid Family Leave

As a nonpartisan company geared toward millennial women, theSkimm has always discussed issues impacting women in the workplace. But, this isn’t just a women’s issue. We’re launching the #ShowUsYourLeave movement because not only do we need to get loud about the struggles we’re faced with in navigating new parenthood and how paid family leave, or lack thereof, has an impact, but we also need resources and solutions that we can utilize to create change together.

Join theSkimm’s #ShowUsYourLeave movement and sign on in support of more expansive paid family leave. And encourage private companies, businesses, and CEOs alike to take action.

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Here’s what we know:

We've received hundreds of stories from our audience about their experience with paid family leave, or lack thereof. Too many parents are forced back to work much sooner than they or their families are ready for. We asked Skimm’rs where they stand.


of you have no faith that the government will agree on a national policy


of you have held yourself back from asking a potential employer about their leave policy in an interview


of you think your current employer needs to reexamine its leave policies

Skimm’r Stories

Thank you to our community for sharing your stories with us.

... my company’s COO asked ‘what is parental leave?’... and we’re a healthcare start up.

We need something for parents NOW! I returned to work full time before my NICU babies were discharged from the hospital because I ran out of time.

Currently on leave - my bonus is being docked for my time away

What's Our Leave?

At theSkimm, we value transparency. Here are some of the Paid Family Leave benefits we offer our employees:


18 weeks of paid leave (adoption, fostering and surrogacy included)

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Bereavement leave for pregnancy loss

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Phased return to work schedule availability. Plus, unlimited PTO, backup childcare, and flexibility based on parental schedules

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Whether you’re looking for tools to spread the word and encourage others to #ShowUsYourLeave or you need help pitching policy changes to your C-Suite, we’ve got you covered.

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