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Building on the success of our #ShowUsYourLeave movement, we’re expanding the conversation even further. Introducing #ShowUsYourChildCare: a new initiative, brought to you by theSkimm and Moms First, and dedicated to addressing the care crisis in our country by calling on companies to show up for their employees and open up about their child care policies.

Join us.


Check out theSkimm’s #ShowUsYourLeave database – a roundup of 500+ companies and organizations who have joined theSkimm’s #ShowUsYourLeave movement and are leading the way by bringing more transparency and insight into paid leave policies in the private sector.

Looking for additional resources? Build your own proposal deck using the below templates to help advocate for change within your own organization. Or scroll down for articles, data, and personal stories about paid family leave in the US.

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Here’s what we know:

We've received hundreds of stories from our audience about their experience with paid family leave, or lack thereof. Too many parents are forced back to work much sooner than they or their families are ready for. We asked Skimm’rs where they stand.

of you have no faith that the government will agree on a national policy

of you have held yourself back from asking a potential employer about their leave policy in an interview

of you think your current employer needs to reexamine its leave policies

the reality of paid family leave event panel

ICYMI: #ShowUsYourLeave Panel

We’ve heard your stories, we’ve amplified the need for paid leave, and you’ve helped us spark a movement. Check out our conversation, #ShowUsYourLeave: The Reality of Paid Family Leave Today, to learn more about how we can push for change. theSkimm’s co-founders and co-CEOs, Carly Zakin & Danielle Weisberg, spoke with Allyson Felix, Jenna Johnson, Allyson Bronner, and Joi Chaney about where the US stands on paid leave and how a lack of it leaves women behind. Check it out.

Skimm’r Stories

Thank you to our community for sharing your stories with us.

What's Our Leave?

At theSkimm, we value transparency. Here are some of the Paid Family Leave benefits we offer our employees:

18 weeks of paid leave (adoption, fostering and surrogacy included)

Bereavement leave for pregnancy loss

Phased return to work schedule availability. Plus, unlimited PTO, backup childcare, and flexibility based on parental schedules

Want your company to join?

Edit our ‘How To Get Your Company Involved’ letter to share with HR to join the movement. Help us spread the word by resharing theSkimm’s post and encourage your network to join the #ShowUsYourLeave movement.

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Change happens when we get loud together

Thank you to all 500+ companies who have shared their paid family leave policies so far

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