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Megan and family on RV trip crop

I Drove Across the Country in an RV During the Pandemic

See how Megan made it work for her wallet.

Tips Don't Lie

Save like a pro.

Phone a friend.

Research says buddying up with someone who’s working on similar goals can help you reach yours. Pick a pal who’s also trying to step up their money game. Then cheer each other on...from a social distance.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Grocery stores are designed to make you spend more. One trick: stocking the most expensive items at eye level. So look around for deals as you walk through the aisles.

Spin it right.

Set your ceiling fan to go counterclockwise when it’s hot. That pushes cold air down, giving your AC (and wallet) a break. In the winter, clockwise pulls cool air up and forces warm air down.

Go the savings distance.

If you’re road tripping, stock up on masks, gloves, and snacks. Then download apps like GasBuddy, pack a rewards card, and pump up the tires to trim fuel costs.

Say ‘bye’ to fees.

If you use overdraft protection, your bank will cover a transaction – even if you can’t afford it. Try turning that off. Then turning low-balance alerts on to avoid extra charges and awkward “your card was declined” moments.

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