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What a Payroll Tax Holiday Could Mean for Your Wallet

It could impact your paycheck now...and way later.

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Save Like a Pro

Tips are appreciated.

Nickname your savings.

Some inspo: Oh, Sh*t Fund, Gotta GTFO, Treat Myself, Hot Wheels. Naming your savings can help you build an emotional connection to your goal. And that’s the key to making real progress.

Celebrate Earth Day every day.

Going green(er) could knock 5-30% off your annual utility bills. Try: sealing air leaks, washing your clothes in cold water, and unplugging electronics when you aren’t using them.


Instead of cutting expensive habits cold turkey, replace them with a new routine. Example: every time you cook vs. order in, put $5 in savings. Experts call this “substitution.” And that’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Set cal reminders.

For the day before a free trial is up. That gives you time to unsubscribe before the first bill comes or work the new expense into your budget.

Keep it fresh.

Produce usually costs less (and tastes better) when it’s in-season. Because when the supply is up, prices tend to go down. In the summer, that’s stuff like watermelon, zucchini, corn, and cherries.

Follow the 24-hour rule.

Aka when you wait at least one day before purchasing stuff you want but don’t need. So you’re 100% sure it sparks joy. Impulse shopping, managed.

Find places to downgrade.

If you’re still streaming, try a cheaper package with commercials. (Hi, Jake from State Farm.) Since you’re probably connected to your home WiFi a lot, see if a different data package can lower your phone bill. You get the idea.

Order in.

Getting medicine from a mail-order service can be quarantine- and budget-friendly. If your doc and insurance approve, generic and 90-day supplies could also save you money.

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