If Walls Could Talk: Finding Your Paint Personality

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Whether you’re in the market for a big renovation or a small project, choosing the perfect colors for your home can be a little overwhelming. Breathe... and put down the color wheel. We found a new way to save you time, money, and tons of paint chips.

Color me intrigued. What’s the trick?

Meet Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Color ID. It takes the stress out of color picking and recommends a palette with 16 colors to choose from based on your personality. Like astrology for the rainbow. HQ used it and found out what our walls would be saying if they could talk…

Sherwin Williams - Nurturer Paint Personality "Their bag is also your convenience store"
For when you never miss a birthday…

Slow clap. Meet the ‘Nurturer.’ This person is compassionate by nature and wants their home to feel like Thanksgiving 24/7/365. Meaning, the more food comas the merrier. The colors that help the Nurturer bring people together are soft beiges, comforting grays, soothing greens, and warm reds. Palette pro tip: according to color psychology, warm hues create instant cozy. And adding shades of red can stimulate the mind. Cue the intimate conversation.

Sherwin Williams - Free Spirit Paint Personality "Probably going to be late to dinner"
For when you don’t use a GPS…

Maps are a social construct. The ‘Free Spirit’ plays by their own rules and likes modern colors that create contrast in their home. Think: a frosty gray opposite a deep gold, or metal accents mixed with pink hues. Palette pro tip: If you’re going in on modern colors, try offsetting them with wood, rattan or other natural materials for balance.

Sherwin Williams - Dreamer Paint Personality "The human version of Sunday"

For when you’ve been trying to get people to come with you to a restorative yoga class...

You’re not the Ommm-ly one. Meet the people that never wake up on the wrong side of the bed. According to Sherwin-Williams, ‘Dreamers’ take their time and have calm, optimistic spirits. Maybe because their homes double as day spas. Their color palette has hues you can find by the ocean, like cool blues and sandy neutrals, with bright, airy accents like coral. Palette pro tip: It’s easy for the breezy colors to float away with themselves. Try anchoring your space by adding texture. Picture: chunky throws, woven accents, wood grain.  

Sherwin Williams - Trendsetter Paint Personality "Has a hard stance on the Aperol Spritz debate"
For when someone says ‘mules’ and you think shoes, not horses…

This person knows how to make it work. These ‘Trendsetters’ are creative, ambitious, and like making a good first impression. Sherwin-Williams says bright, bold colors like green, pink, and black (gasp) can help you start each day fresh. Palette pro tip: These colors are linked to sparking creativity, they’re perfect for anyone who wants to light up their right brain.  

Sherwin Williams - Naturalist Paint Personality "Goes on a monthly digital detox"
For when your home is quickly turning into a plant nursery...

We dig it. This person wouldn’t sign a lease without the words ‘sun drenched’ in the description. The ‘Naturalist’ is someone who’d rather be outdoors. Mossy greens, natural browns, mustardy yellows, and generally any color you’d find on a mushroom work. Palette pro tip: Your plants aren’t the only things that need light to survive. Get familiar with the different kinds of lighting options. Ambient = evenly lights a room (think natural light or a pendant fixture). Task = spotlights for reading and writing spaces (think desk lamp). Accents = highlight architectural features (think recessed lighting). And decorative (think chandelier).  

Whatever color palette you are, there’s one rule you should know…

Remember the 60-30-10 color rule. It’s a proportion designers use to give balance to the colors in your space. Here’s how it works…

  • 60%...your main color and backdrop. It’s on your walls or large items like an area rug or sofa.

  • 30%...your secondary color. For things like curtains, bedding, or a feature wall

  • 10%...your accent color. Use it in decor items like throw pillows, artwork, lamps, or candles.


Showing your true colors isn't just something that happens when you give your BFF your honest opinion on her outfit. It happens literally when you create a home that feels like you. Get started by finding your Color ID.

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