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Skimm'd from the Couch: Susan Lyne

Sep 19, 2018

Susan Lyne’s career isn’t easy to Skimm. She grew up in Boston, and after going to college for a while, decided to skip school and get straight into her career. Susan was a journalist. Then she switched into entertainment, and even started her own magazine. Since then, she’s been an exec at major companies like Gilt, AOL, Martha Stewart, and ABC. Meaning, yes, you can thank her for “Grey’s Anatomy.” In 2014, Susan made another change: she started her own venture capital firm to invest in companies with female founders. It’s called BBG – Built By Girls. On the couch, she talks to us about networking (cough, stalking) your way to the career you want, prioritizing your time, and why introverts make great leaders.

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